Sunday, January 1, 2012

Etiquette - Tip #1

One of my Christmas present gems I received was this fabulous book of Etiquette!

I randomly became fascinated with etiquette mostly because of weddings, however this book is so interesting! The majority of it is common sense, however there are some very unique things I have learned. Well, I have only flipped through so far and read bits and pieces, so I'm sure I have a long ways to go. I'm pretty sure my family is sick of hearing me read it out loud to them already!  Good thing I have you blog readers as a sounding board for me to talk etiquette. This book has everything from thank you cards to cell phone etiquette to tipping to restaurants.

For starters: a formal dining table is laid with a white cloth damask, linen or lace cloth and must fall about 18 inches below the tables edge. Matching white napkins are approximately 24 inches square. (at Buckingham Palace they use rulers to actually measure all this!!) To top off the decor, candles are white in the dining room.

More to come on etiquette as I read on!

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