Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Breaky time

This is the life! Coffee, eggs, pool & sunshine. It's super warm and I could definitely get used to this.... Just a forewarning that I may never return home! We are going to get our trunks on pretty soon and hit up the pool now that we have our baller rental vehicle.

Enjoy the snow at home!


Tuesday, February 28, 2012


We are safe & sound in Arizona! We inevitably met some Y members on the plane as well as made some new friends with the row in front of us. Since we are definitely not quiet, I think the best approach is if you can't beat us, join us!

We had dinner at a lovely Mexican restaurant tonight with JC's dad - we also had margaritas with cups that we bought at the restaurant. See below! More tomorrow :)

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Kookar Sauce

This is me & my poppa's absolute favorite hot sauce right now!! Its technical name is 'sriachi sauce', and on the bottle it says 'rooster sauce' but in Punjabi it's called 'kookar sauce'. Literally, 'kookar'' means chicken so I'm guessing perhaps rooster isn't a word in Punjabi?! Hence the usage on chicken?! Who knows, but that's what they go by! So, I'm going to start calling it kookar sauce; I like a little cultural flair in my food names. Here is a whole cookbook I came across on Twitter with it - feel free to buy this for me as a gift! (hehehe)


I am looking forward to some relaxing time in Arizona with my girls as of Tuesday! There's been a lot going on lately and I think it will be fun for us all. The crew is myself, lil sis, JC and Amanda. We just had a "planning meeting" tonight to finalize some details (ie: our drive to VEGAS from Arizona for a night or two!!!!) and we are all super excited. Besides a little detour to Vegas, the other things on the itinerary are: tanning by the pool, seeing a Mariners preseason baseball game and a Drake concert.

I just need to get through Oma's funeral tomorrow and an accounting test tomorrow night.... Wish me luck for both of those events!

Check out the weather in Arizona:

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


My Oma went to heaven today to be with my Opa, where they will both be happy to have each other. She was a strong lady who raised four generous, kind and caring children, my dad & aunts. She will be missed, and it will be very weird to not have grandparents on my dads side of the family anymore, but she is in a much better place now. May she rest in peace happily with Opa. Xoxo

The whole Spier clan, Christmas 2010

Monday, February 20, 2012

Monday Dinner

Vegetable gyozas with stir fried veggies. It was my first time trying these gyozas and I didn't love them. They were frozen ones from Safeway and I don't think I'd buy them again. They also didn't come with any sauce. Oh well, it was a good experience!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

"Blonde on a Budget"

I came across this blog today (again, via my daily reading of the Globe & Mail) and was naturally interested by the post entitled "Why I'll Never Have a Big Wedding".  As you know, wedding things always intrigue me so I read on via this blog post. Her point is that if you can save up $20,000 for a wedding where you are "supposed to" do alllll of these things (provide a meal, provide entertainment etc.) why wouldn't you use that money as a down payment for a house? She uses this infographic to provide us with the expensive details of weddings these days. At the end of the day, I agree weddings are expensive and it's an avoidable cost for some, but I don't think anyone in this world could convince me to not have one. Sorry Mom & Dad!

As it turns out, this girls entire blog is really interesting!! (read here: The description of her blog is this: "Blonde on a Budget is a twenty-something's journey from being a maxed out, overindulging idiot to becoming a balanced and financially sound woman.Starting Debt: Approx. -$28,115 Current Debt: Approx. -$17,200"

I really feel like I can relate to trying to be money conscious and all the things she talks about (well, in the several recent posts I read!) are really interesting and I pretty much could have written myself (haha). I like how she has opened her life up to blog to have someone/something accountable for her spending. Good for her!! I'm impressed.

CEO of Tim Horton's

Job posting alert: Tim Horton's is hiring a new CEO! I read this article on the Globe & Mail website today & it sounds like Timmy's is doing quite well financially; but could use some growth in the U.S market. Dunkin' Donuts is hot on the market making it hard for Timmy's to penetrate it; who knew Dunkin' Donuts was so popular?!

Think you would get free coffee as the CEO? If so, sign me up.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

my date yesterday...

Sophie & I looking dashing in festive pink outfits with my heart-shaped pizza.

ahoy matey

I have a new theme I love for weddings: nautical! I saw these images via Wedding Channel (a wedding website I follow on Twitter) and think the subtle nautical touches make it themed yet not obnoxiously over-the-top themed! My favorite things are his blue & green striped tie, all the boys wearing navy blue suits and her gorgeous green ring on the bride/groom fork & spoon.

A few other images I liked upon a good ol' Googe images search are below!

I adore this mixed yellow rose bouquet - my parents had yellow roses at their wedding!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

La la love

My daddio sent these to both me AND my sister to work today for Valentines Day!!! He is the BEST! I wasn't at work to get them since I decided to stay home sick, but my sister is bringing them home for me later. Aren't they pretty?! THANKS DADDY!!! (See mom, this is why I can't move out!! I'd miss seeing you guys every day too much!!)

And to top it off, my mom got me and my sister both yummy scented candles and a Boston Pizza gift card so we can get heart-shaped pizzas later. We have a date with each other, Eliza, Kristine & baby Sophie! Sounds like a pretty darn good Valentines date if you ask me.  (I will try not to cough on any of you...I am feeling a bit better now actually, don't worry)

Amanda also came over this afternoon and brought me homemade soup & a sandwich for lunch, along with a Valentines card and pen! It was so yummy & thoughtful of her :) 

Maybe because I'm under the weather, or maybe it's just because I'm such an emotional gal, but all of the above events have made me cry today. I feel so lucky to have such great people in my life! My sister's friends went to see her at work today and brought her presents - she called me crying because she was surprised and thankful; we are so alike it's not even funny!! Sistas for life ;)

Tomorrow, I am going out for dinner with Heidi & Lindsay who I feel like I haven't seen in forever so that will be fun!

Happy Valentines Day to all my friends & family!



"Generation Screwed"

I found the below infographic on a friend's Facebook page & also thought it was interesting! Let me just say that this is what happens when I am home sick from work: I read random things on the internet and online shop. My bank account is hoping I get better soon. Basically, this article is a graphically appeasing way to look at the 18-29 year old generation called the Millennials. This generation (myself included) is said to be the most educated in history yet have the highest unemployed rate yet when it comes to their field of education. What I like about these statements is the unreal expectations that we have. It's so true, we expect so much these days from a job: high pay, tons of vacation time, the ability to work from home, quick promotions, extreme happiness in our jobs and much more. We can't be happy in our jobs unless it's perfect. Yes, I am definitely generalizing, but I do think that the work ethic nowadays is much different than it was x years ago. I know that the world is changing, and times are much different than they used to be, but where did we get such a sense of entitlement to these amazing jobs from? I think that hard work is something to be highly valued. I will be honest is saying that I do want all of the aforementioned "ideals" and a perfect job that I am over the moon happy in, but I am also willing to work for it, go to school and fairly receive those things as they come. A strong work ethic is hard to come by these days, so hang onto it if you've got it! Generation Screwed
Created by: Online Graduate Programs

Vodka Study

This article from Science News in regards to a study done on vodka and creativity is very interesting! To sum it up, a study showed that men who drank just enough to be above the legal alcohol limit in the U.S. were able to quickly and more correctly solve cognitive, creative, problem-solving questions than a comparison group who did not drink. The reasons offered for this were that creativity is heightened because the ability to control your own thoughts is lowered, or because somewhat intoxicated individuals are less afraid to make mistakes. 

In my opinion, the last point makes the most sense. When you have had some drinks, you feel much more at ease to say what's on your mind, whether it makes sense or not unfortunately, and you feel much more confident. Now, how on earth do I join these vodka studies?!

Read article here:

Sunday, February 12, 2012

meet my friend neocitrin.

I realized I never blogged about the weekend Kristina was here from T dot. It was so much fun to see her and hang out with all our girls; we danced, ate, had some drinks, chatted til the cows came home and laughed more than I've laughed in a while. I love them all so much, plus I love my siblings. I love that they are friends with all my friends and that we all hang out together. I am a very lucky girl to have such great friends and such great siblings!! Love you all to bits.

What else is new, you ask? Well. I have an accounting mid term tomorrow that I have barely studied for... whoops... don't worry, it's not worth a lot. I was babysitting my lil' pal Sophie (see below!) and she is such a good baby. I love to snuggle her. I cannot wait to have babies of my own one day!!

Now, as of today, I have a sinus infection that has spread to my chest. And a wicked cough. It hurts to breathe! I got some meds so I am drugged up now. I am downing neocitrin like it is going out of style. My family says they can tell that I am genuinely sick because I don't talk as much; then there was talk of how nice it was! Thanks guys :/

Now, for some photos from our party weekend with Kristina. We hung out with so many people on the weekend: Min, Keri, Amanda, Lisa, Lisa's kids, JC, Lil' Sis, Pants, Jessica, Erin, Stu and Eliza even made a guest appearance from Thailand! (she came home on Monday morning and Kristina & Chris left Tuesday morning) I am sure there are more people we hung out with but that's just to name a few of the clan.

JC, me & Amanda heading to Sandbar

Lil Sis & JC in the limo being goofballs

Kristina's friend Erin from T dot & I

Lil sis & I

Miss Fashionista Janessa in my Nine West patent pumps

Kristina, Amanda & I

Erin & Riley dog!

Stu, Chris, Kristina & Erin @ Republic on Bob Marley's bday - such good dancing!!!

Eliza & Kristina - notice how tanned Eliza is!! 3 weeks in the tropics will do that to ya...

Dinner at Tasty Indian Bistro in Surrey - it's new and really nice inside! The decor is Cactus Club style and really nice; the food is delish too. This was my vegetarian entree with aloo gobi (potatoes & cauliflower; left), shahi paneer (cheese in a butter chicken type sauce; middle), dhal (lentils) and basmati rice. Served with naan bread! I definitely recommend it as it's well priced too. Website:

Chai tea

Chris tried to get the statues digits...he was unsucessful

The boy statue wanted to pose with the ladies - me, Kristina, Amanda & Eliza

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Baby fever

Alert: The Spier household has baby fever! I babysat my friends baby Sophie tonight; she is seriously such a cute little girl who is amazingly well behaved. She is happy pretty much all the time (except for the 1 hour no one else was home but me, naturally) and loves to crawl around on the floor.

Of course, my sister and mother started telling me I should have one. Right, I'll get right on it....?! I wish!!! Just missing that ring on my finger.... Small step there mom and lil sis!!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

oh snap

I just learned how to blog WITH PICTURES from my iPhone! I downloaded a free app and voila - you will hear from me far too often now. I am so excited it's not even funny. Why do these things amuse me such?!

Yours Truly, 

Shannon the Overjoyed Blogger

oh happy day!

I got a new laptop today from my fabulous parents! Mine had really had the bickens - I had brought it to the doctors far too often and the wi-fi didn't work so I always had to use the internet through my phone which was annoying. This wi-fi works beautifully & the computer runs super duper fast so far. My old one was an HP and although it was a pretty looking laptop (sleek, shiny, all black & chrome), it didn't do me too well. I have had some friends who have had troubles with HP's as well so this time we went with an Acer. I've heard good things about them and Lil' Sis had her trusty Acer for quite a few years. It's still kickin' but she has ditched it for her Mac now. (Me? I'm a PC girl at heart)

Call me a geek, but I love the feeling of setting up all my internet bookmarks, arranging my desktop icons, rearranging all my folders, choosing a new 'look' for my while I should have been working on a group project, I've been arranging some thangs up in here! I am so excited to have a high functioning computer and am so grateful for my parents who bought it for me. They are really the best!!!

Hopefully now I can resume my regular blogging. Oh how I miss it! I wish I could blog from my phone. Well, I can, but it only lets me type; it doesn't let me upload pictures. And we all know pictures are the beef of a post!! (or carrots if you are like me...) 

Here is my new baby:

A black & white Brooklyn Bridge is the background du jour

Ah! I can already see a fingerprint...

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Sunday mornings....

.... Call for tropical mimosas! Pictures to follow. Happy Superbowl Sunday friends!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

cars are dumb.

I have such a lemon of a car. It has accumulated quite the list of things wrong with it and I don't want to deal with them. I HATE dealing with car things. Don't get me wrong, I can do it and I definitely will, it just takes so much effort, time, research and tears due to lack of understanding as well as lack of money to fund the car drama.

Oy vay.

Again, apologies for lack of blogging...I'm trying to get all my homework out of the way before my buddy Kristina comes from the T Dot tomorrow!! Wahoo! Look at me being proactive - maybe I have finally learned after 7 years of post secondary school?