Sunday, April 29, 2012

"oh, the places you go"

An infographic of my good friend Dr Seuss' inspirational quotes

breaky du jour

Eggs with green onion & cheese on a fabulously grainy bagel. Served with a generous serving of fancy ketchup.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

fave episodes

In my aforementioned post about Mr. D., I did some research and the CBC website has full episodes of the show!! And I lied, I have two favorite episodes...they are 22 minutes each & I have posted them below. If you are bored and want some laughs, definitely watch them!! (click on the link)

1. This episode is entitled "Charity Day" where Mr. D. sets up a wrestling event between him and another teacher...hilarity ensues!

2. This episode is entitled "The Dance" where Mr. D. organizes a school dance as a fundraiser. My favorite scene is towards the end of the episode when Mr. D. is dancing!

Mr. D.

Pants & I have a new favorite show called Mr. D. It's hilarious - it's about a teacher who is under qualified for his social studies teaching position at a prestigious school. In real life, the actor who plays Mr. D (Gerry Dee - @gerrydee) was actually a teacher for 10 years! It's quite funny the stuff he comes up. I've posted an intro video below! I couldn't find a clip of my favorite scene from the school dance episode but I will keep looking!

private eye

I read this article via the Globe & Mail today, and it is about a private investigation company in India whose business is booming due to parents hiring them to check out potential husbands and wives for their children. The number of people meeting online is increasing, and this worries families that people have lied or embellished their offerings. How much money they make, what educational credentials they have and how much property then own are all issues that get fabricated.

Can you imagine finding out you were subject of an investigation?! How would you feel? Understandable or too wild for you? I'm not gonna lie...I think meeting someone online has some risks, and if you were apprehensive there might be justifiable reason to get a detective. Is that crazy of me?! When it comes down to it, I don't know that I would actually hire someone, but part of me thinks it would be a very interesting process and I'd be super curious what would become of the results...

Thursday, April 26, 2012

me likey

I saw these earrings on Pinterest originally & had to do some investigative work to find out where they were from. Don't you worry, I tracked 'em down! They are from Bauble Bar.  There is TONS of cute jewelry - consider this your warning! I love these earrings in pretty much all the colors they come in, but the pink & tangerine are my fave. And aqua!





I spent some lovely quality time with a bunch of my fabulous girlfriends in the past few days and it's definitely time well spent. I have some pretty cool friends if I do say so myself. Also, my good friend Christina just moved back home from Montreal where she completed her degree in graphic design, so bonjour to her!

Last night we made sangria and it was tres delicious. We made up the recipe ourselves & it was as follows:
  • Gingerale
  • White wine (we used Black Tower) 
  • Red wine (we used Le Vielle Ferme) (we did about 1 part red wine to 2 part white wine) 
  • Frozen fruit (we used raspberrys & a tropical blend)
  • Peach schnapps 
  • Ice 
Definitely recommend it as a fruity summer drink!!

Monday, April 23, 2012

love these wedding flowers

personal brand

I saw this infographic on Pinterest today & thought it was really cool because I have been really into social media lately. I like the idea of creating a "personal brand", however I think of it more as how people perceive me, not necessarily a "brand". This is geared towards a business I think, but I've related it to my social media life, if I may! I try to be conscious of what I put on my blog, Twitter feed & Facebook. Things like not speaking badly about work, not insulting people, not using profanity etc. I like to think that if someone were to be looking at me from an outside perspective that they would think I am a positive person with a good attitude towards life. 

(You may need to click on it to make it bigger & readable!)

Sunday, April 22, 2012


I went to my very first Vaisakhi parade yesterday. I can't believe I have never been - I am in love with Indian food, dress and culture in general and this definitely combined them all. I must say, it is insanely busy though. The streets of 128th to 120th in Surrey were packed. I read this article that said over 180,000 people attended yesterdays parade (which is record breaking); it also said this is the largest Vaisakhi parade outside of India! It reminded me of going to the fireworks in English Bay.

What is Vaisakhi? It is the birth of Khalsa, which is what all Sikh people who are baptized in that religion are called - from what I gather from the Sikhi Wiki! It also symbolizes a special day in India because it is the first day of their crops harvesting. The color orange, as you will see in many pictures below, is word to symbolize purity. To read more about it, click here.

I love how culturally diverse Surrey is. I love that this is something that brings our community together and develops a sort of understanding about one ethnic beliefs and culture, even though not everyone sees it that way.  I think I've mentioned this before, but just want to clarify that I don't have an interest in converting to that religion, I am just very intrigued by the culture because it's so different from what I know!

It was a gorgeous day yesterday, so it was nice to be in the sunshine, eat yummy food, hang with my peeps and wear a fun outfit! I would definitely go again for entertainment & to be a part of it. There is food, drinks, balloons, toys, CD's etc. being given out everywhere for free by local businesses. We ate some yummy chick peas, samosas, pakoras, saag (pictured), aloo tikkas, rice and probably others I'm forgetting!

It's difficult to tell the volume of people, but it's PACKED!

(L-R) Manvir, JC, Amanda, Lil Sis, me & Raj

Part of the parade

Children doing cool rope things while walking in the parade

Manvir asked if he could try it - it didn't work so well for him!!

Lil sis & JC with saag & roti

Amanda & I

Thursday, April 19, 2012

don't mind me.

I'm just experimenting with a potential new background for my blog! I got bored of the other one. I like a blog background that is colorful, unique, not too hard on the eyes and fun. Oh and more summer-ish! What do we think of this one?

island anyone?

Saw this on the Province website! For only $110 million, you can have your own private island in the Bahamas. Check out tons more pix and details on the real estate website. Any takers?? I will generously offer to come test out the place.

Real Housewives of VanCITY!

I must admit, I am in love with the Real Housewives of Vancouver. Not only do I love their pointless drama and unnecessary spending of money, but I love seeing places I frequent. Last week they ate at Cactus Club, for example. I think my fave housewife is Reiko so far. She seems the most normal and nice; plus I love that she is part Japanese and her husband is some sort of ethnicity. Their children are super cute!! She also has a blog:

This housewife (even though she's not married...don't totally get that) is only 30 - Christina. She has been married twice already and that's how she got rich. Quite the life she has...if only it was that easy to just marry rich and be a gazillionaire! I love her shirt below, from this NYC store:

Today I worked early (7 am) and as much as I hate being up so early, I love being off early in the day and being able to come home and relax. I came home, immediately put my pj's on, started some laundry (including my bedsheets - looooove sleeping in clean bedsheets!) and then started dinner. I haven't cooked in a while, so I just stuck with making this family fave. (classy chicken casserole)

Now, dinner is in the oven, I have clean laundry to fold and I can relax on the couch. I love a good relaxing afternoon! Since my classes are done for the semester, I feel like I can truly relax. When you're in school, it feels like there is ALWAYS something you could be doing: studying, reading, practicing questions, starting papers etc. It's a weighing feeling knowing that you don't truly have a break as long as you're in school! Only two more semesters...then I'm finito. I hope it goes fast...I feel like I have been a student for foreverrrrrrrr and a day.

I wish I had super exciting things to say today but alas, not much to report. I am going to go do my Globe & Mail daily reading and check some blogs so perhaps I will get some inspiration there. I will leave you with this funny from Pinterest: (I lol'd!)

"Omg. Best sushi ever for realz. Buzz, wish u were here. Lol :)"

Sunday, April 15, 2012


My breakfast this morning was delish - scrambled eggs with sharp cheddar, spinach and refried beans on a whole grain tortilla shell. I usually eat eggs in the form of breakfast burritos, but I ate this one pizza style and baked it a bit. I was thinking that it actually would have been really yummy with pizza sauce too! Next time.

Then, I was doing some blog reading this morning and came across a cool article on recipes to make with spinach! Take a read here, there's some cool ones I want to try plus just some general ideas that I don't think of day to day. (PS - I found this article via this blog)

I haven't been cooking very much lately and it makes me sad. I really enjoy cooking a lot but have been consumed with school, fun and work lately. I even got three cookbooks for my birthday which I am super excited to try a bunch of new recipes!! I got a vegetarian one from this travelling duo, the rooster sauce cookbook that I blogged about a while back from my fantastic fam and then this Latin cookbook from JC. Her dad made us a bunch of these flavorful recipes when we were in Arizona and they were to die for. I love a little ethnic flair! I'm super excited to start trying some new recipes from these books - I will definitely blog about it, don't you worry. I'm picturing yummy, fun dinners by the lake this summer...

 I'm headed off to a staff meeting now - have a lovely Sunday everyone!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Thursday, April 12, 2012

parking lot

It was a big day at the Spier house! Pants' old, falling apart, yucky brown color 1991 Ford Explorer no longer sits in our driveway taking up valuable parking real estate. It had sat in its lovely parking lot spot for just over two whole years, and it was causing quite the tension in our family. It is extremly frustrating coming home and having to park a block away from your house simply because the useless truck was sitting in a driveway spot.

So, for whatever reason, Pants sold it to a wrecker today - much to our excitement! Why today, I have no idea what his motivation was since I've been harassing him about it for two years..

We can now almost fit all 5 of our cars in our driveway! (yes, we have 5 people and 5 cars...)

Bye bye truck!!

fave song right now

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

National Siblings Day

I learned via Twitter that it's National Siblings Day today. Here's to my fantasticly fun sibs who are two of my best friends; love you long time!


...are SO not my thang.

I know I have blogged about this before, but I cannot handle waking up early. Yes, I am aware that my definition of early is likely not the same as a lot of peoples, but anything before 9 am is just not gonna cut it for me.

I was up around 7:45 this morning to go to a training sesh with this dude & Jessica from work, and it was a full day of being active and playing games. I came home and debated napping, but sadly chose the more appropriate decision of what to do this eve.

Normally, 11:15pm is my prime time to do homework, but I am nodding off here and it sucks. I don't have a lot of other time to work on this besides late nights so these early mornings need to stop!! Oh, I need to be at a meeting at 8 am tomorrow which sucks. I really shouldn't complain, it's not a big deal,  sorryyyy....

On another note, the training we went to today was called "Play it Fair" and it was geared towards  values that we can promote to children through the work done in communities. It was really interesting discussing how you can teach values to the age group of 6 - 12, for example. Some values we uses were respect, diversity, inclusion and acceptance. We also learned about Child's Human Rights - some good stuff learned! Click here to read more about it.

Bon nuit mes amis!

Sunday, April 8, 2012


Saw this via Twitter - the increase in people who are currently reading novels since 1949. Love it! An interesting article:

Speaking of books, the books that are currently on my list to read are:

1. Onward (the Starbucks book) - I am about half way through and just can't find the time to finish it.

2. Lunch in Paris - the book this cool momma gave me a little while back that is part novel, part recipe book!

3.  Moloka'i - a book my mom bought me about a Hawaiian girl.

4. Red, White & Drunk All Over - the novel that teaches you about wine while your read.

Ahhh...this list could keep going! There are about five others I want to read very soon. I love reading! Oh and I got three new cookbooks for my birthday that I want to try out VERY soon.

Happy weekend!

Before I lay me down to sleep, just a few random thoughts & comments:

1. I saw the movie 21 Jump Street tonight and it is freaking hilarious!! I think that Jonah Hill is so naturally funny that he totally makes the movie, and Channing Tatum, well he makes the movie oh so easy on the eyes. I laughed from start to end in this movie - definitely worth the money for the entertainment!!

2. My car is doing well! I still love it, and although it is not as powerful as my GTI, it's cute and does its job. It gets about 400 km to the tank for $52 where my GTI got about 500 km to the tank for $85 (using 91 octane). So, all around it's less expensive for gas which is nice. Already I foresee getting gas frequently though.... States anyone?!

3. I passed my giant 30% weight budget project, hooray!!! I didn't do stunningly on it, but I did decently and I am no longer worried about passing the class which is super exciting. It now means I won't have to retake it and am still on track for Operation: Having a Degree December 2012.

I think that's all I got for today folks! Wishing y'all a lovely Easter long weekend :)

Sunday, April 1, 2012

new wheels

I officially own a vehicle again! I bought a little 2008 Honda Fit yesterday. It is kinda like the Honda version of an economy car, so it's not super duper speedy or powerful, but it is practical and economical. It's five speed, red and has lots of little compartments and space in it. I filled up the tank yesterday from very empty and it was only $52!! (compared to my $90 VW...) I am excited to see how long it takes to go through one tank, but hopefully it will overall be better on gas than I'm used to. This car is a 4 door - which is exciting for all my future backseat passengers!

This is it!

This is its first ever drive through Tim Hortons!

And its first cup of Shannon-style coffee (I didn't win RUTR sadly...)

missed the boat

Upon discussing the aforementioned federal budget with my daddio, apparently I missed the boat on the most exciting part of it all - whoops. We are now allowed to bring more dollar value of goods back from the U S of A!!! After visiting the US for more than 24 hours, the allowable limit goes from $50 to $200. For more than 48 hours, the limit goes from $400 to $800. According to the National Post, this measure is intended to ease congestion at border crossings and also sharply reduce the amount of lying that takes place there.

And of course, how could I forget to mention the elimination of the penny! How wild will that be!