Wednesday, May 30, 2012

true strategic thinking

I found this article via a tweet from a class that I am in currently (@HRMT4125 - Organizational Development) and it is entitled "6 Habits of True Strategic Thinkers". I think it's interesting because not only can strategic thinking skills be applied to a work setting, but also to a variety of aspects in personal lives. The 6 habits are below, with my brief description of them, but it's an article from Inc. worth reading here.

1. Anticipate: consistently scan the horizon
2. Think critically: question & challenge everything
3. Interpret: do not settle for ambiguity
4. Decide: frame decisions to actually settle problems
5. Align: it is hard to please everyone, but ensure you foster open dialogue & build trust  
6. Learn: get honest feedback; embrace positive encounters and learn from negative ones

a real camera does wonders

I do love my iPhone and its pictures are usually pretty decent, however these were taken on a real, live, ACTUAL camera! Some more photos of the reception from Sunday:

Monday, May 28, 2012

reception round 2

I went to another Indian wedding reception this past Sunday which means I got to wear a sari again therefore I was a happy camper. It was a friend of a friend who got married so there was only a handful of people there I knew. It was a beautifully decorated hall with fancy decorations (see picture below!) and there were probably 800ish people there. They played SUCH good music at this one (lots of remixes with Indian & current 'in' music) and the food was, of course, tres yummy.

PS - I instagramed all of the below photos...I'm on an instagram kick these days. Lovin' it!

Centerpieces - this was 1 of 3 types of center pieces. I love having several different ones!

JC's hair - I am her personal hair stylist!

Lisa, me, Jessica & JC

Jessica & JC

My lil' buddy Janessa & I

Raj, Lisa, Shannon, Jessica & JC

Lisa & I

Jessica - she's so pretty!


a few fun & bright things from around the weekend:

nail polish colors from the Dollar Store that I'm diggin'

Went to the Flea Market in Cloverdale with my poppa on Sunday - flowers are SO pretty & SO inexpensive there!

You may need to click on this image to enlarge it - this is a Me n' Ed's Emergency Response Pizza Vehicle: ERPV! (hahahaha)
My new phone case - it's defs orange

The hydrangeas out front are starting to bloom - yay! Love these flowers.

Thursday, May 24, 2012


All via Pinterest, I've been majorly digging chandeliers lately. Anywhere and everywhere in the home. Any size, shape and color. Love 'em!!

I love this pearled antique chandelier. It would have to put in a pretty fancy room though!

Bathroom chandelier

Ok, so not truly a chandelier, but a cool light fixture in a beautiful library! (we all know I like my home libraries)

MULTIPLE chandeliers!! Might be a little excessive?

Love the black chandelier & this color scheme in the room all together.

I like the mini lamps on this one & the wallpaper in the room.

Dream closet!!!!


I happened upon this via Twitter: The 100 Most Creative People in Business 2012.

My favorite on here was #97 Carla Schmitzberger who is the President of Havianas, which you may remember as my favorite flip flop brand. The focus was on how to build a global fashion business, and I liked this Q&A:

How do you bring innovation to a category like footwear? 
"The Havaianas flip-flop's uniqueness is its simplicity, but we have a group that works five years ahead to identify different technologies and shapes. One of our biggest successes is the Slim, which is simply a narrow strap. Is it breakthrough innovation? No. But it appeals to the customer enough that our competitors copied it."
 Here is my newest flip flop want:  

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

things i like.

1. Receiving pretty wedding invitations in the mail! I helped Melissa pick these postcard-type invitations from Wedding Paper Divas, which is connected to Costco in the US.  They have a great selection, are super quick to get your invitations to you and are quite affordable. Christy-Dawn used this site for hers - I'd definitely recommend it.

2. Being caring & sharing! I won this (below) yesterday at the YMCA's AGM. The people I work with said some really kind things about me which was much appreciated. I really do love the YMCA. I think it's a great organization and does so much good for the community. I am proud to be part of it. Click here to read the 2011 Annual Report - it's in a super cool online/visual format!

3. Unique wedding favors: fresh peaches! (this is random, I know)

From Bridal Snob

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

good company + good food

I love good food and when it's enjoyed with good company, it makes it that much better! I had a lovely lunch with my book club girls over the weekend at the Washington Avenue Grill in White Rock. It was nice to get us all together since Eliza is leaving us soon to be a Housewife of Taiwan and Min is going to Vegas for her 30th birthday this weekend. Sadly, the only photos I took were of my food...note to self: take more people photos!

Min's lunch - a short rib sandwich topped with coconut battered onion rings. The presentation was fun, plus she was in love with the taste of it all!

My cod & chips. It was really yummy! The batter had a good flavor plus it was only $8.99.

I also had dinner with Heidi, Lindsay and Christina. We went to Brix in Yaletown and it was so great! I'd never been there but loved the atmosphere. It has a courtyard type area plus an indoor area to the restaurant. We sat in the courtyard and had a delish bottle of white wine and a cheese plate that was to die for. I never realized I liked blue cheese so much! We are really glad that Christina is back from Montreal and living here again. She was living there for the past few years which was great for her because she finished her degree (yay!) but sucky for us because we missed her.

Between these two groups of girls, I feel very lucky to have such great friends! Seriously, every single one of them are strong, optimistic, fun, smart, caring women who add so much value to my life. I can't imagine a world without all of them! xoxo

Lindsay & Momma (aka Heidi)

Shan & Christina


Heid & our lovely cheese plate

They do weddings here - isn't it gorgeous??! Google it for more photos!


Last night was the aforementioned wedding reception for Pavan's brother! It was super fun (minus a small sari fiasco) and we saw some great dance performers, ate great vegetarian food (up my alley!) and danced the night away. I love Indian parties so much!! They are so ginormous - I think I counted about 600 people last night. I seriously don't know who I would even invite to get that many people?! The entire YMCA perhaps?! (hahaha) Thanks Pavan for inviting me - I had tons of fun the whole weekend!

dance performers - JC you would have loved these guys!!
the bride and grooms first dance
Amanda  & I - I loved my bindi (it was new!)
Pavan, Amanda & me

Saturday, May 19, 2012

week-long wedding time

My friend Pavan's brother got married today! Amanda and I went to the ceremony today as well as the mayan on Wednesday. The reception is tomorrow night and we are going to that too. I love how weddings spread over such time spans in the Indian culture! So many parties and celebrations.

The mayan on Wednesday was fun; we ate lots of yummy Indian food (pakoras, my fave) and danced lots too! There was a juggo dance, which is where everyone dances with a light on their head and there was also a part there all the females rubbed lotion on the grooms arm. I'm not sure of the reasons for any of these traditions, but it was super interesting to see and be part of!

Amanda, Pavan, me

Today was the ceremony at the Akali Singh Sikh Temple in Vancouver (the one you can see off Hwy 1 by First Ave). I've never been to an actual Indian marriage ceremony so this was exciting for me, plus a little nerve racking for us considering we don't know any of the 'rituals' and didn't want to offend anyone. We knew the basics: cover your head when in the temple, take your shoes off in the temple etc...but just basic things were scary! We managed to pull it off without harming anyone or embarrassing ourselves. I don't have many photos since I didn't think it was very respectful to whip out a camera in the middle of a religious ceremony (of which I was unfamiliar with at that!) so here is what I do have:

In our suits - baggy pants with a tunic essentially, plus a scarf to cover your head (we wore saris to the mayan above)

the temple

We were given this upon entry to the ceremony - actually quite helpful to follow along!!
I'm wearing a new pink sari to the reception tomorrow night so I'm excited to take lots of pictures in it. I'm also excited to do lots of dancing. I love Indian music - the beat is always really strong and it's always really loud which is majorly up my alley. Oooo and I'm going to ANOTHER wedding reception next Sunday!! I don't actually know the person getting married; I'm just going with a friend.

After the wedding ceremony this morning, I went to work. Between yesterday and today, I have gotten a lot done.  I still have a large "to do" list, but it has been majorly reduced. The BEST feeling in the entire world is having a very minimal list of emails in your inbox! (a la my computer below:)

Look! Only SIX emails in my inbox, hooray!!

"never seconds"

Speaking of food blogs... here is one written by a 9 year old elementary school student in Britain about his school lunches! It's called Never Seconds - cute right? He takes a picture of it each day and gives it a rating for taste, health, price and a few other things. I'm not sure of how this evolved but he mentions Jamie Oliver in some of his posts so perhaps it is connected to something Jamie Oliver did? Entertaining far in the posts I've read nothing looks very appetizing...!

(I discovered this blog via this blog: A Cup of Jo!)

This was yesterdays lunch...

Bamboo Sushi

I read a really cool article about a very sustainable, earth friendly sushi restaurant  in Portland, Oregon! It's a very unique business position they have given that they are in the sushi business, take a read, I promise it's cool. Oh, and who would like to go on a road trip with me to Portland? I'd like to sign up to sponsor a shark please! 

bumper stickers from whales

JC got me this fantastic bumper sticker in Arizona - love it! Thanks buddy :) xoxo

Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Today is a day that I am in a good school mood, so I figured I should blog about it while I am in it! Sometimes, just sometimes, I get these really great feelings of the fact that I really value education. I think that it is so beneficial in so many ways, and I don't even know where to begin on the amount of life lessons I have learned by being in school! A few of them, randomly enough, include:

  1. The new friends I have made that are life long. You don't know someone until it is 6 am and you realize you are still working on a budget project together... 
  2. I am definitely a procrastinator & like to do things last minute. I work well under pressure. I will dilly dally if there is no deadline. Maybe this isn't so much a positive characteristic, but I have tried to really learn from this and plan my schedule accordingly. 
  3. Intellectual conversation is something I enjoy. Yes, I love to have silly conversation too, but I love a good solid business conversation. 
  4. I've learned that I really do like business and the Human Resources program I am in! I like current events, reading the newspaper and I LOVE browsing job postings. I send them out to everyone, even if they aren't currently looking for jobs.
  5. I love to talk. (surprise, surprise!) I love presentations at school. I have learned to speak up in class and have opinions, but sometimes I am fearful that my answer is just going get shot down so I am apprehensive. I have tried to let that fear go and realize that everyone is on the same learning curve as me and it's ok to make mistakes! 
  6. I have a giant support system in my life. I will admit, I do get easily stressed, and with full time work and full time school I get stressed frequently. I have fantastic family and friends who help me when I need help and are just all around very, very supporting of me.
Like I said, there are just certain days like this where I am really happy that I chose to go back to school. I don't regret taking a several-year hiatus after high school, but I do sometimes wish I was done my degree sooner and I imagine what I would be doing career-wise if I was done school already. I do think that I had valuable life & work experiences in the time I was not in school, and my work experience is valuable in the career path I am going on.

Anywho, now I am going to wrap up an assignment that is due at 7:55am tomorrow! (hahaha)

Monday, May 14, 2012

Dim Sum

I just tried dim sum for the first time today! It was pretty yummy; a lot of it was pork & chicken so that limits the options I have hence I ate a lot of shrimp. We had shrimp dumplings, sticky rice in bamboo leaves and another shrimp roll type thing. I'd try it again, there wasn't a ton of flavor in the food which I'm sure if that is normal or if it's the restaurant I was at? I kinda feel like dim sum is bland in itself - all it is is steamed flour with filling....? It was super duper cheap though which was nice - the lunch special 11-3pm made most thing $3.10 each. I think we got 4 items and 2 Pops and it was $17. So cheap for eating out!! We went to Lotus Chinese on 120th & 90th.

Have you ever had dim sum? Did you like it? Where did you go? Fill me in!