Monday, June 18, 2012

bye friends!

Two of my good friends have left me for new adventures in COMPLETELY new countries!

Eliza has left to be with her hubby in Taiwan and JC has left to work on a cruise ship for the summer. They both are going to have a fabulous time and come back with great experiences, pictures and stories, hopefully! I will miss them both SOOOO much.

Eliza & Justin have a fun little blog that I can keep up with their travels on. Read here to follow their adventures abroad.

This is them on one of their most recent hiking adventures
JC is going from New York to Bermuda on Celebrity Cruise Lines from now until September 3. She is working with kids & youth on the ship of some sort - what exactly I don't know, but I think she will learn lot, get a great tan and have a multicultural experience like none other! I will miss her lots, but at least it is not a huge period time and a it's a super great work experience for her.

Ahhhh so beautiful in Bermuda...
I am grateful for the type of friends these gals are - not afraid to try something new and not afraid to have an adventure! Talk about major life experience. I am excited for both of them, but also can't wait until they get home :) xoxo!

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