Friday, August 31, 2012

master chefs

Lil' sis & I made another fabulous dinner this evening - tofu lettuce wraps & yam wedges! We didn't use a recipe for lettuce wraps, we just did it off the top of our heads. The ingredients we used were: (just stir fry this all together to use as the  mix to put in the lettuce)

- vegetables: any that you want! We used onions, carrots, broccoli, mushrooms and red pepper.
- lots of garlic
- tofu (use extra firm if you want solid chunks; we used medium so that it got a bit squishy and crumbly)
- black bean sauce (hoison would probably be really yummy too)
- crunchy onions to top it off (you buy them in the salad toppers section, where croutons are I think!)
-  of course, I topped mine off with a little hot sauce

Then put all this in crisp iceberg lettuce and voila! So delicious. And so versatile - you could use chicken or beef, or just vegetables or put noodles in.

We must warn you...these are not date food material! They are a little on the watery side and quite messy... check out my hands in the last photo...! Best to eat in the comfort of your own home. Oh and the yam wedges are just chopped up yam with seasoning salt & garlic on them. I also like yams baked with just a hint of maple syrup.

crunchy iceberg lettuce

our wrap filler

et voila! lettuce wraps & yam wedges

eww...can you see the sauce dripping down my hands?!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

i can read again!

It brings me so much joy to be able to read before bed!! I finished an entire book in two nights. Granted, it wasn't huge or super intense, but it was lovely & entertaining. Plus, it has recipes in it. What a great idea!! My wonderfully preggo buddy Heidi bought this book for me a while back - and I am only getting time to read it now. It's amazing how school has consumed my life outside of work for the most part...not long now though, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel - thank the good Lord!

This book is called Lunch in Paris by Elizabeth Bond. It's about a girl who goes to Paris, meets a boy and wanders the Parisian market buying fun produce & meat to make fabulously French meals for her and her boy. Each chapter includes her French recipes in it which gets lots of points in my good books. I am going to try making her classic, authentic French Onion Soup one day. It's a happy, upbeat, cute love story that is a nice, light read.

fun wedding things

My Pinterest wedding board has been accumulating quite the collection of ideas for a wedding - you would think I was getting married or something! (I'm not.)

I have been really loving the whole nautical theme lately (well, that's not so new!) and have gathered some photos below. Not all are nautical, but they are all pretty, that's for sure.

tying a knot as part of your ceremony

anchor tattoos in lieu of rings

bridesmaids gift ring &/or bracelet by Kate Spade "for helping me tie the knot"

cute wedding invite

would you wear an orange wedding dress?! I love it! Unique.

cheese boards

I found these gorgeous Brooklyn Slate Co. cheese boards through a blog I read, and think they are gorgeous! I am huge cheese fan, so that helps, but these just add such a nice touch to a cheese platter. Bonus: you can write on them to identify the cheeses. Our book club would DIE for this. Plus they have coasters and other fun packages that come with cheese.

Did I mention I love cheese? My favorite is...hmm...goat? Feta? Swiss? Sharp cheddar? Mozzarella? I don't think I could pick just one. Oh, and how could I forget brie cheese? Whats YOUR favorite cheese? (see, it's hard to pick just one...TRY!)

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

rock, paper, scissors

A lovely, gentle reminder on how to play this lovely game...and it is also "1000 Awesome Thing's" awesome thing of the day on August 23. Isn't it such a fun world we live in when this game can pretty much solve any dilemna?! AWESOME!


I am in love with this mans line of jewelry! I would seriously wear every single bracelet color in the first picture. Love the adorable anchor piece as a little nautical touch! I REALLY want the White Squall earrings...hint hint to anyone wanting to buy me a Christmas gift.... ;)

His name is Kiel James Patrick - check out his collection by clicking here.

these haven't launched yet - soon though!!

Asterly's Dock bracelet in Pink Sunset - $38
White Squall Earrings - $58
Ol' Blue Drift Knots - $22

Monday, August 27, 2012

famous floorplans

I found this website that had an article with four floor plans from our fave tv shows designed by this artist. I thought they were kinda cool to examine, from a birds eye view, considering I have been watching these shows for many, many years! Did you know I watch Frasier from 11 - 12 pm Monday through Friday?! (Well, that's a lie. When I CAN watch it in that time frame I do!)

You may need to click on the images to see them larger:

Frasier's apartment - it's huge!!

The classic across-the-hall Friends apartments

My girl Carrie Bradshaw's apartment - I love this layout so much! The walk through closet and two entrances to the washroom are what every girl wants.

The Big Bang Theory apartments - I haven't been watching this show for years, but still! Pretty cool!
PS - Can you write the next great sitcom?

Melissa & Shane

Yesterday was my friend Melissa's wedding! It turned out better than we had planned for and was insanely gorgeous. The sun was out which made for fantastic photos as well. Melissa looked gorgeous, as usual, and the day was so much fun. Who doesn't love a good wedding, especially when it's at Hycroft Manor?!

I don't have a ton of photos yet as there are just some phone photos and some from Facebook, but there are a few quick snapshots below. I was also the MC so I was busy during the reception and didn't have a lot of time for photos. Someone told me I should go into professional MC'ing because I was THAT good - I thought that was quite the compliment, however, not sure if there are such things?! Haha!

her dad walking her down the aisle

favors - peanut butter m&m's in the box!

maid of honor speech

center pieces
PS - my sister was fantastic yesterday and came to help me between the ceremony & reception to set up table cloths, chair covers, sash's, center pieces and tons more. We felt like true wedding planners yesterday! We discussed starting a business...anyone know anything about wedding planning businesses?!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Have you ever been go-karting? It's so much fun! Yesterday, we went as a staff event and all had a blast. It's such an odd activity - driving 15 kilometer's an hour around a track...I guess it feels a lot faster when you are so close to the ground?!

Today, lil' sis and I made a yum-tastic dinner ALL from scratch. We are house sitting in Langley at a friend's sisters house so we chilled with our buddies Buster & Benji and made spanakopita, tzatziki, (we used Greek plain yogurt), a  quinoa dish with fresh basil & cilantro and a green salad. We were quite the cookers tonight! We actually put chick peas in the spanakopita because we were low on spinach (it boils down to so little!!) and it tasted really good! Just more of a texture difference than a taste difference.

It's Melissa's wedding tomorrow which I am very excited about. Let's hope for nice weather! If you'd like play by play updates...follow me on Twitter...probably a likely way to see some photos of the beautiful bride and such! 

Some photos...

the gang

it was such a pretty evening




Thursday, August 23, 2012

Chopsticks on Pho

We have a new restaurant in our work hood which I am super excited about - I am a big pho fan. It's called Chopsticks on Pho and I went there yesterday to try it out - I didn't try the actual pho yet, that will come soon! This place serves the typical Vietnamese noodle soup (usually with beef in it), spring rolls and salad rolls. Salad rolls (as seen below) are a fairly plain roll, with some noodles, prawns and lettuce in them. They are served with peanut sauce (or hoison sauce is yummy with it!) and I've had them several times before.

The restaurant it very clean, nice looking and modern inside, and the menu is short and simple. It is also nice that it is in English, because a lot of pho places aren't! The service was fine, it's more of a fast food place; you order & pay at the counter and then they bring you your food when it is ready. The spring rolls (which were so tiny) and salad rolls (which were giant) were nicely plated and tasted delicious, however they were INSANELY expensive. Two salad rolls & two spring rolls came to $23. My jaw dropped and I had to get her to repeat the price for me, and made a comment about how expensive it was. Oh, and I ordered a pop. The pop itself was $3.67 (I could have bought an entire dozen for that) and the spring rolls were $3 each and the salad rolls were $6 each. Considering the last time I blogged about eating salad rolls, they were $1.99, I was flabbergasted! Plus, they tasted exactly the same as any other place I have eaten them. The lady did make a comment about how expensive rent was ($40 per square foot) but in my opinion they are way too over priced, regardless of their rent cost.

Overall a good experience and good food, but I will have to win the lottery to continue to eat there. I do like that they are in a nice neighborhood; for some reason a lot of pho places I've been to are in sketchy neighborhoods. I do want to go back to try their pho soup to give them a fair chance.

my new animal friends

I am housesitting at a friend from works house & they have a cat (Sam) and a doggie (Sophie) this weekend. They are super cute and well behaved. I am not normally a huge cat fan due to their usual snarky temperament, but this one is so cuddly and loves to sit with me on the couch. The dog just sleeps on her little bed and watches me mostly!

Sam the cat

Sophie the dog

Monday, August 20, 2012

yeehaw throwback

At our garage sale last weekend, while doing some cleaning, I found this dear gem of a painting made for me by the one and only Heidi! She made it for me on my 18th birthday and on the back it says "To my cowgirl" which I love. We went through a MAJOR cowgirl/cowboy/everything Western phase together for a period of time. We're talking boots, hats, music, cowboy boyfriends; the whole shebang.  Isn't this painting great?? I love it so much!! Good memories attached to it :) 

The painting...

...and the cowgirls! (circa 2002 maybe?!)

As mentioned, it was not just my brothers birthDAY on August 18th, it was his birthWEEKEND! Him, little sister and I went for dinner on Friday night to West Beach Bar & Grill in White Rock. It is a cute little restaurant on the beach with live music. I had an amazing blackened tuna burger that I would eat 50 times over; and then we came and had some drinks, fire and cake in our backyard with our parents a few friends. It was relaxing on our nice, new, comfy patio set.

Saturday we went to the beach & to a party (see post below!) and then on Sunday we went for family dinner to the Mongolie Grill. If you haven't ever been, you need to go. It's basically a create-your-own-stirfry restaurant, so how can it not be up your alley?! Then the dynamic Spier trio headed to Brown's for my friend Harj's birthday! Her siblings were there as well so we called it a Spier-Sanghera hang out. It was a lot of fun and I like that my siblings can hang out with all my friends; it's like one big happy family all the time! I love it.

Of course, some photos below of our adventures!

The aforementioned blackened tuna burger at West Beach Bar & Grill - did I mention it had avocado too?! Yum!

Friday night cake in the backyard for our brother

Pants likes to call this his party shirt - it says 'All I Do Is Win" (it's a song)

Ham & I at the party Saturday night

Mongolie Grill

Pants eating his plate of meat & noodles (which is much opposite from my plate of vegetables!)

Classic doggy bag boxes

My fortune was 'Seven & Eight are significant numbers for you"...!?! That's a lame fortune!!

Flowers for Harj at Browns

Pants & Harj

Harj & I