Sunday, October 28, 2012

Love this: the case against gyms

Read about Heidi's mini mister!

Need text help? Text Appeal is here to help!

Psy performs at a wedding! (I'm jealous)

...last minute Halloween costumes (my favorite is hungover guy & instagram)

A business article on strategy

Are you a psychopath?

Would you turn down a pay raise?

How do I own this boat??? (via rich kids of instagram)

this weekend

Downtown for dinner Saturday night
Oh how the weekends bring so much fun but so much busy-ness! My schedule was a little crazy this week (as it is next week) between work and school so that is always fun to juggle...but regardless it was lots of fun and I still managed to be productive with writing papers, creating presentations, planning a Halloween event for work, celebrate Halloween myself and celebrate my friend Dave's birthday. Below, a few photos in no particular order...but not to fear, I only wore the bunny ears one night. (Friday)

me, Harj & Dave (believe me, I am not a fan of Halloween...but we HAD to dress up so this is what Harj & I came up with!)

did you know bunnies could drive??

This would be an entire shopping cart full of pumpkins at Safeway. We started to run low at the event I planned at work so I had to go out to buy more! (it was an adventure going to Safeway at Oakridge mall by myself...)

Happy bunnies!

my new fave snack.

Coolest siblings ever!! I seriously think we spent all weekend together.

Ferf & a smurf!


We went to the Italian Kitchen downtown last night for Dave's birthday - I had the gnocchi & it was to die for.

Freddie Mercury, lil' sis & Dave.

I think this is an artistic photo of Harj & iPhone photography skills!

And my car loaded up with pumpkins. Happy Halloween!!


Tuesday, October 23, 2012

sit back & read...

Into stocks? Here are six stocks that will raise their dividences in the next five months! (Mom - Fortis is on it!)

12 ways to make today more enjoyable (love this article!!)

Today's "awesome thing": hanging your hand out of a car window (so true - I love doing this on a sunny day)

A stunning reception venue (sadly, no idea where this is)

The smoking slipper is the trendy new shoe...I kinda like 'em! (my favorite from this site is #6 - of course the most expensive pair there)

Maple butter roasted acorn squash (oh how I love fall squash time!!)

A food review on SFU cafe!

OMG! Flourless low-carb bagel recipe!! 

This is what my sister thinks Emma our puppy should be for Halloween:

Sunday, October 21, 2012


...was my last day at the Tong Louie Family YMCA in Surrey! How bizarre is that? I have worked at the that place for over 10 years. What if I go on auto-pilot tomorrow morning and just end up there again instead of the Langara YMCA in Vancouver?! That would be wild.

It's an odd transition, because I am still working for the same company. So, I still have the same email address, know a lot of the people there already and know what the YMCA is about, its history and whatnot. I am excited to meet new people, learn new things and expand my employment horizons. I am just sad that all the people I love aren't coming with me. I am also sad that I won't know everything off by heart - right now I know everything inside & out and at Langara, I definitely won't. Oh well, it's a learning curve.

Last night all of my lovely co-workers planned a dinner (at Ashiana, an Indian restaurant in Surrey) and then a Mirage trip. It was lots of fun & so many people came!! Thank you to everyone who came and made sure we had a yummy, fun, fantastic time. I better continue to be invited to Tong Louie parties & events!!

My sibs & Jessica

Amanda & I

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Lots of fun things happening in Shannon-land: my new buddy Jack, my new job at the Langara YMCA, school semester is half way done (YAY!), my friend Eliza was visiting from Taiwan, my friend Amanda's birthday was last weekend and my lovely work friends are planning fun going away parties coming up this weekend!

Amanda with her birthday cake that Eliza made her (that's my hand there ready to catch it if it fell...!)

I went to birthday dinner for Amanda at her Oma's house - this is Amanda (right), her Oma (middle), and her Aunt Susie

This is my new reality: brake lights and pouring rain on the freeway

Our backyard is quite a disaster currently with roof parts as it's getting replaced

The lovely yellow bin on the driveway (matches my dads truck!)

This giraffe made for a lovely day at work: he hasn't worked for SERIOUSLY probably 5 years. And as of today, HE DOES!! Hooray.

Baby Jack is home from the hospital now!

Momma Heidi & baby Jack - love their little family!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Baby Jack

My lovely BFF Heidi gave birth to the most beautiful baby boy this morning at 8:38am! His name is Jack Henry Rietkerk, and he is absolutely perfect. He has the fullest head of dark, spiky hair that is just way too cute to even explain. He is oh-so-snuggly. The best feeling in the entire world is snuggling a newborn baby, especially this insanely cute one! Heidi & Timmy will be fantastic parents and Jack will be a very well-loved little boy. Welcome to this world baby Jack! xoxo

Jack & I

sleeping bebe

Check out all that hair! Love it.

Cutest family ever

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

nacho nite

I had a nacho night with very-soon-to-be-momma Heidi & Binz. Christina was supposed to be there but she was sick so we couldn't risk momma getting sick! Binz recently moved to a new house with her sister so it was fun to see her new place.

We seriously eat these nachos religiously. It's our thing. We put beans, green onions & pepperoni (on half!) on them and bake them until they are super crispy and they are ah-may-zing. Check out Heid's due-in-two-days belly & our delish food du jour:

Monday, October 8, 2012

{thanks} {giving}

Always lovely to have a long weekend with good family & good food! We had a turkey dinner that my momma made last night with  my grandparents and it was lovely. My momma did it all herself (with the exception of my dad doing the turkey) since all three of us kiddies were busy before dinner. Normally I get stuck peeling potatoes... darn! How I missed that...!

Can I tell you just how much I love stuffing? Oh so much. ALMOST as much as I love my grandmas pumpkin pie.

Also fun & yummy were the leftovers dinner tonight with the 5 of us. We went around the table and said what we were thankful for, but the 'typical' things weren't allowed. We decided that it was a given that were all thankful for friends, family etc... For example, I was thankful for lululemon pants (because seriously, what would I wear if it weren't for them?!) and my brother was thankful for unicorns and dragons (long story/inside joke involving my mother thinking those were both once actual things...)

My poppa has perfected his turkey cooking method now. He brines it overnight prior to cooking and apparently it makes for quite a nice moist turkey!

My grandma's homemade apple & pumpkin pies. TO DIE FOR.

And just so you know, the most recent book I'm reading. It's for school but it's actually quite interesting/beneficial & applicable to "real life".

PS - In case you want to reminisce, read about Thanksgiving 2011.

PPS - 12 recipes for delicious turkey dinner sides via the Globe & Mail

Saturday, October 6, 2012


I am hanging with my buddy Harley now (he is cousins with Bailey!) in Coquitlam. I really love the drive coming over the Golden Ears Bridge - the mountains, the water & the bridge itself are just so pretty. I love blasting my music and having the windows down while driving over it; actually, just in general that's how I like to drive on a lovely day like today!

I am here until Monday night and then heading home to sleep in my own bed. What's everyone up to for Thanksgiving?! Happy long weekend! (that's what most of us are likely thankful for!!)

Harley likes to lay in the dirt in the garden outside!
Let's play spot the dog in the backyard...

Friday, October 5, 2012

Be'wiched Cafe

Eliza introduced me to a great lunch place near the Y called Be'wiched Cafe. It's on Hwy 10 & 152, right in between Browns and Big Ridge in an office building. They are open 7am-4pm.

They have a daily soup, paninis, sandwiches, salads and they are ALL so good! Eliza and I went TWICE this past week that's how yummy it is. Everything is very fresh; they make it all right there in house. They are two sweet ladies who run it & it's reasonably priced. The caeser salad is amazingly garlicky, and the quinoa salad with corn & black beans was so fresh & herby! (Both are pictured below) They also have breakfast so that's going to be what we try next. For lunch, they also have spanakopita, which I love but have yet to try also.

Follow them on Twitter to see their soups of the day: @BewichedCafe

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

the great debate

If you are like me, and politics are not your thing, but you want to feel like you know everything about everything, below is the Presidential debate in 99 seconds! You're welcome :) 

Link: 99 Second Presidential Debate


Oh budgets, doesn't everyone love them?? (haha, that is sarcasm...)

It's budget time of year at work, so budgets are on my brain. We are working on the 2013 budget, so I've decided to create my personal 2013 (and remainder of 2012) budget. I feel that it is good timing for me to create a budget with a new job (and accompanying new salary) coming soon so that is what I did. My friend Amanda helped me, so I didn't do it entirely on my own, but I am excited & hopeful that I can stick to it since it's realistic and feasible. Money has not typically been a personal strength of mine when it comes to my own finances... but I'd like to turn that ship around!

I just get stuck with the part of how to keep track of spending? Do I use cash only and write it all down? Do I only use debit or credit so that I can electronically see my spending? Is there an app I can download?! Amanda used cash only and paper clips in her wallet for a while to separate food cash from entertainment cash from gift cash etc. and it actually worked quite well for her! Any other ideas for me to stick with this?!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

major problem!

I didn't know that I only got a certain amount of photo storage on my blog! I went to upload a photo today and it won't let me. Naturally, there is another option involving me paying for space. It's only $2.49 per month for 25 GB of data (I have 5 GB that I have used up) which isn't a lot of money, but I really just wish I didn't have to PAY on a monthly basis to blog!

Until I decide to sign my life over to Google charging me money every month...I will remain photo-less...

{insert sad face photo here}

Monday, October 1, 2012

baby bogue

I previously blogged about Marissa Mayer, the newest CEO of Yahoo (and the youngest CEO of any Fortune 500 company) who just had a little baby boy! According to the Globe and Mail, she just had him this past Sunday and is looking at going back to work within the week.  The article said she "will be working remotely and is planning to return to the office as soon as possible, likely in one-to-two weeks".

Do we think she is:

A) Crazy
B) Business-savvy
C) Able to balance work-life very well

A preggo Marissa (from
Hmm...this is just quite a wild concept to me considering most people I know take the majority of their maternity leave or the full leave. I guess when you have a huge corporation at stake you have to do whatever it takes to keep it running? Maybe her husband is staying home with the baby? (FYI - her husband was a lawyer now turned capitalist)

She really intrigues me a lot so I thought I would share this bit of wisdom. Another factoid: the baby doesn't have a name yet!! Find out how they are naming him here...