Saturday, February 23, 2013

Happy Saturday! I don't have a whole lot going on this weekend; lots of staff meetings at work (tomorrow morning's at 8 am is going to be a gooder!) and then a baby shower tomorrow for baby Linden! Excited for baby snuggles.

If you are bored like me right now.... here's some reading material:

Behind the sriracha obsession  (I am definitely a big fan)

Passive-Agressive Notes  (funny!)

Hotmail is going the way of the dinosaurs.

You Had One Job - funny mishaps of day to day errors

My boys Jay-Z & Justin Timberlake are coming to Van! #LegendsOfTheSummer

Illegal micro-apartments in Hong Kong

So sad - the latest on Elisa Lam

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

no-spend wednesday!

As much as I hate to admit it, I am on a bit of a budget. And that is definitely not a bad thing. I must admit, money-related things are not my specialty.

A typical day in the life of Shannon begins with spending either $1.79 at Tim Hortons for coffee, or $4.40 at Tim Hortons for coffee and a bagel. Again, I hate to admit it, but it's just soooo easy. And who doesn't love convenience?! Since it is my favorite season of the year, Roll Up the Rim season (RUTR), I luckily won a coffee yesterday when I rolled my rim. So, I made toast at home for breakfast this morning and used my winnings to get coffee en route to work. I brought a lunch to work with me (which I have actually been doing quite a lot lately) and didn't spend money on anything else all day! I was quite happy with myself since a day doesn't normally go by where I don't spend at least my Tim Hortons amount. Then, when I rolled my rim today, I won ANOTHER coffee! Hopefully this cycle can continue! I am 2/4 in my RUTR winnings - 50% probability of winning at this rate - check out this guy who tracked his RUTR winnings via an Excel spreadsheet!!

On another note, how cute are these grilled cheese croutons from this recipe book?! (seen on this blog) I totally want to make these sometime.

I la-la-love the colorful balloons in this wedding photo: (not sure if I would actually do it or not, but super cute in theory!!)

Loving this watercolor image from Pinterest:

And to wrap up, a lovely little inspirational quote for when the goin' gets tough:

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

surfs up dude

Feel like surfing the 'net? Check these out: 

This is the second most expensive home listing in Canada

How to arrange flowers (since it's true, they always end up flopping over the vase & looking sparse!)

I am considering taking this rescue scuba diver course

...I also looked into this course...

My friend Christina now has a business website! (check it out - they have gorgeous accessories)

A new funky sushi restaurant is open in Van! (similar to The Eatery)

Is it my FAVORITE season of all times at Tim Hortons (I'm 1 for 3 - won a coffee this morn!)

Fast & the Furious 6 IS COMING! 

oh, baby!

I got to meet baby Kaelyn this evening! She is my friend Christy-Dawn's niece and three weeks old as of today. She is an all around super duper cute baby, has adorable little eyelashes and makes the greatest baby coo-ing noises. She also has a fabulous, loving family who will treat her amazingly. Isn't it a fantastic feeling holding a newborn baby?! Congratulations Jason & Steph!!

As a side note: don't mind the iPhone photos below! Since I am feeling so unproductive in life these days, maybe I should take up photography?! I do end up doing a lot with my photos; nothing terribly crazy but they end up on here & other social media quite frequently.  It IS a bucket list item actually...

Kaelyn & I (like how I am rockin' my YMCA Strong Kids campaign shirt?!)

Kaelyn & her grandma

Big yawns with her dad

Christy-Dawn & Kaelyn

Friday, February 15, 2013

oh, valentines day...

Happy day-after Valentines Day! For the record, I think it's a fairly stupid day...regardless, it was a regular day for me and didn't result in any tears thankfully. (haha)

Thursdays are my early days at work so I start at 8 am, meaning I need to leave by house by about 6:50 to ensure I get coffee and miss the bridge traffic. I didn't get much sleep the night before (about 4 hours - my own fault!!) so I was a little sleepy. Work was normal, and then I came home and had a nap. Who doesn't love a good nap?! The only downfall is waking up again...I tend to be a little grumpy when I wake up post-nap. Then my sister, Amanda & I went to Boston Pizza for heart-shaped pizzas, which is turning into a bit of a tradition! (and, more of last year's V-day) It was super fun and we all survived the "singles awareness day".

My week has been pretty special. I had an non-fixable flat tire on Tuesday (after already waking up late) so that is never fun, especially given my past experiences with flat tires. You'd think I should be a pro by now dealing with them since I've had so many...nope. Never fun dealing with car things, plus never fun spending $500 on stupid pieces of rubber. More on the tires below via photos...

I was off work today (& am off tomorrow as well) so I have a 4 day weekend - wahoo! What on earth will I do with all this time?!

My heart shaped veggie pizza! Love it.

Amanda & I got heart martinis. They tasted like medicine - so gross but so cute.

My Valentines gift from Amanda - a fishy phone case! So fun!

This was my Valentines gift from Tim Hortons - a Tims sticker. Where to put it?!

And THIS cutie is my buddy Jack that Heidi sent me! So so so adorable!

Here is my very, very flat tire and my very, very helpful daddio putting the spare on

So embarassing driving with a spare tire the size of a peanut....

Good thing my sister was on reading break this week & was able to loan me "the hot rod"!! This is a picture of Pant's big white truck (left) and little sisters "hot rod" (right). The hot rod is quite a long story; it was Dylan's, then he gave it to JC, who gave it to little sister while she is away on cruise ships, and now I drove it for a week. It's a pretty, uh, special ride... but I was grateful for it nonetheless!!

And here are my beautiful (?!) new tires!! I was originally going to go to a tire place in Bellingham but found a better deal that was closer to me through a guy I work with at Tire Stop in Vancouver.

They also did an oil change on my car for me (yay - it was so long overdue) and then I came home and washed her up.

It was gorgeous & sunny out today! A nice day for a drive in a clean, newly tire-d car with sunnies on & the windows down.

Oh ya! I made veggie lasagne for dinner tonight. I even made my own tomato sauce, however it was really runny & I wouldn't really recommend it unless you have a lot of time. The lasagne was pretty good; we put so many veggies in - zucchini, carrots, broccoli, peppers, onions, spinach & corn. Yum!
Have you heard of the latest dance trend? I don't get it.

The Aquarium needs volunteer scuba divers to help research lingcod

Follow along with my friend Christa's "Big House Renovation"!

As seen on the Shark Tank, a custom sushi joint called "How Do You Roll?" 

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Whoa. Purchases can be made just via hashtags on twitter!

The Bay is opening at YVR

My boys Kanye & Jay-Z won a Grammy for best rap performance; check out all the winners here

I mentioned America's youngest billionaire a few posts ago; guess how much she pays in child support...

Are fitness instructors the new DJ's?!

Oh. My. Gosh. the world's largest yacht.

An interesting read on "the shooter"  (especially interesting if you have seen Zero Dark Thirty)

Could an iWatch be in the makes?

New grocery tools: a corporate responsibility app?

New board game: Daytrader! A Monopoly-style game about the stock market

Tuesday, February 12, 2013


I've recently discovered this fantastic video that was made as promotional material for a YMCA camp, Camp Elphinstone, which is on the Sunshine Coast. This video seriously makes me smile every time because it is so upbeat & FUN! I mean, who doesn't love a good camp nostalgia?! I love the part of the camp that's on the ocean. I've been here for a few conferences and it's a pretty cool place!!

Monday, February 11, 2013

the weekend.

Happy long weekend friends! Coincidentally, the weekend is also the name of one of favorite bands right now, except they are spelled 'weeknd'. (This is my favorite song of thiers right now.)

Today was BC's first Family Day so the YMCA held a family event with breakfast, bouncy castles, swimming and other fun stuff. Alas, I worked today on my usual day off plus now statutory holiday. Not to fear - I get two days off in lieu of working today; so I am off Friday through Monday this coming weekend! Yay! Our event today actually went quite well considering we've never held it before and we weren't sure about the turnout. I think we ended up having over 400 come specifically for the event today. What did you & your families get up to on this fabulous new stat holiday?! (I mean, seriously, who doesn't love an extra paid day off work?!)

We welcomed another baby into the world yesterday - Eliza & Justin had a baby boy!! He is about 4 weeks early but still weighed 6 lbs 7 oz and was 20 inches long; he does need to be in the incubator though. Sadly we didn't get to snuggle him yesterday when he was born!! Can't wait to do so!!! Check him out below: (so cute, right?!)

Not yet named baby Liebregts :)

Speaking of cute, my sister tried on my mom's wedding dress! We had a good laugh. We actually decided it would have a lot of potential if we just removed the long sleeves...and then maybe one of us will wear it to get married in!
Amanda & I went to Joey's on Friday night downtown (in hopes of meeting suit-clad, single, gorgeous businessmen) and this was my dinner: sashimi tuna salad & mushroom soup. Joey's seriously has the BEST mushroom soup ever. I crave it all the time!! This salad was reaaaalllly good as well.

Amanda's dinner at Joey's - mushroom soup & lobster grilled cheese. She thinks it's to die for; I am not a huge fan of the sandwich. I think I am not a huge lobster fan...

Pants, lil' sis & I went to Rogers Arena for the Canucks SuperSkills competition on Sunday. It's really cheap tickets ($10) for a few hours of entertainment. Plus, we parked at Science World and it was a lovely, sunny walk.

The gang!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

interesting thingers

A restaurant in Washington is giving discounts for well-behaved children! Not going to lie, it is super annoying when there is rowdy/loud/disobedient children sitting near me in a less-family friendly restaurant...I mean, I can appreciate children, of course, but extremely poorly behaved ones is frustrating. My mother always says: "I can't wait to see you have children!!" (so true...)

The Ocean Beach in White Rock is closing!! It's been sold to new owners, the Joseph Richards Group, who also have a bunch of other restaurants/lounges/clubs around town. It's still going to be a similar type venue, but so weird that it's not going to be the 'OB'...good memories there!

A quick video on how to save iPhone battery life - something I am constantly on the hunt to try to do...

Think we should be able to text 911?! I kind of like the idea in all honesty!! I mean, let's face it, texting is a new reality and in the event of an emergency, has the potential to be easier to do for some people. However, I can also see the negatives of this in that accidental texts could be sent (as I am sure there are a ton of 'pocket dial' accidental calls currently!) and there are the downfalls in that the 911 operator can't hear the tone of the person calling and whatnot. So, I'm intrigued by this concept...not 100% sold but think it has potential!!

Coming from a huge fan of men & women email differently at work? (my opinion: YES!!)

Did you know it's National Cupcake Day on February 25th? And that it supports the SPCA?! Love it! 

Wednesday, February 6, 2013


CHECK OUT WHAT CAME IN THE MAIL ON MONDAY!! I was so excited...this just kinda makes it feel 100% official seeing it on paper. Yay! Now what to do with it...ideas?!

Amanda & I wore fancy aprons, drank wine & made shahi paneer on Monday. Tres delicious! (she has a recipe in her head; but the one above is similar; not quite the same though...let me know if you are planning on making it & I can give you some more info!)

This gorgeous 17 year old model is giving up his lucrative modelling career to go to university for a football scholarship! Good for him for valuing education!

The new Blackberry10 came out yesterday - the home screen sounds quite similar to an iPhone...

Monday, February 4, 2013

i don't think you're ready for this jelly.

Oh. My. Gosh. I love everything about this wedding. Check out the gorgeous pictures!!!
Who is America's youngest female billionaire?!
How great & beautiful was Beyonce during halftime yesterday?? There were SO many tweets about #Halftime
It was pretty cool when Destiny's Child was reunited! Ahhh... teenhood memories...remember this fantastic song?? And this one!? 
I said farewell to these puppies today...they like to lay by the fire together which is pretty darn cute if you ask me.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

what should i do with my life?

I saw the movie Zero Dark Thirty last night and it was really, really good! It was so intense and so interesting to learn a bit more about given that the al-Qaeda attacks were obviously a huge piece of history. I would recommend this movie for sure. There is another movie out right now that I'm not sure if it was in theaters or not, but my brother watched it and said there was a lot more detail and it seemed more real than Zero Dark Thirty. I can't remember the title of it for the life of me right now, but I want to watch it now!

Anyways, the whole time I was so fascinated by the jobs that these people in the movie have working for the CIA. How cool would it be to work for the CIA?! It just got me thinking about what I want to do with my life. I've never truly had something that career-wise I've wanted to do that is realistic. I mean, I'd love to be a lawyer, but I don't think I have the grades nor the time nor the motivation for it at this point!

My mom lovingly bought me a book called What Should I Do With My Life? by Po Bronson a few years after I graduated high school and it's quite interesting. It explores the thought of adding meaning to your life through doing something that you love. Don't get me wrong, I like what I do at work and love the organization I work for, but now that I am not in school, I seriously feel like I am not very productive in general and that I don't have anything fulfilling in my life. I could take more courses, but for what? What can I work towards that is meaningful and fulfilling?! I did apply for a volunteer position for the CIBC Run For the Cure as the Communications & Promotions Coordinator which I am excited about; I have a phone interview on Monday. I'll keep you posted on it!

On a funny note, check out these odd jobs that I would have never thought existed!

This weekend, I am hangin' out with my buddies Benji & Buster this weekend house/dog sitting in Langley. They are pretty darn cute.