Sunday, March 31, 2013

around the web

The 7 things you should always wear on a plane

A super duper cool cheese platter

When it is super sunny out like today, I love driving with the windows down and the tunes on loud. This is my current song of choice right now to sing along to!

Check out SlideShare to see presentations on pretty much anything...

How to buy happiness

Last but definitely not least: I saw this via Pinterest; this dad has started making art out of the crazy things he says to his kids (check out this one below - love them!!)

long weekend

I feel kind of bad that Easter to most people (including myself!) automatically means a long weekend...however it IS very nice to be able to relax, hang out with the family and have a yummy dinner. It also really helps that this weather is freaking gorgeous....hope everyone had a lovely Easter weekend!

Our spread for dinner. Instead of the usual brussell sprouts my momma made green beans & mushrooms. My fave! (although I do really enjoy brussell sprouts too!)

We had whipping cream for our angel food cake dessert & were reminded of when we were kids and used to go to my Oma & Opa's for dinner every Sunday. This is what we used to get on our hands when the whipping cream came out for dessert there! So, just for fun, we did it for little sister.

My Grandpa brought chocolates for everyone & I got the carrot since I'm a vegetarian - haha! I loved it!

Saturday, March 30, 2013

sam & ben

I am cat-sitting some adorable kittens (Samantha & Ben) this gorgeous weekend in White Rock! They are seriously way too cute and cuddly. I have taken quite a significant amount of photos of them...Oh! Remember how I said my iPhone had a scratch on it and was taking bad photos lately?? Turns out I am just crazy and didn't notice a film on the lens from when I got the back screen on my phone replaced recently...whoops!! So it's all good now - yay!

This is Sam & I - I was trying to take a cute one of the two of us but she turned as I was taking it...hence my silly face...

Benny cat-napping in the sun

They love this toy! The ball just spins around and they paw at it for forever.

Sam & I snuggled on the couch allllll morning. It was lovely!

Benny striking a pose for me as I do a photo shoot

Yesterday I went to Fatburger for the first time ever & had the most amazing veggie burger! Definitely a must-try.

Then, I sat on the patio of Sam & Ben's house and admired the lovely day it was
I made lasagne on Thursday - it had sauteed spinach & onions, ricotta cheese, diced tomatoes, and pesto in it. Pretty yummy! I slightly overcooked it since last time I made lasagne it was kinda soupy; so this was a bit of the opposite. I need to perfect my lasagne cooking time!!

I had a nacho night last night with Heidi, Binzy & Christina. This is Christina & Jack. Always a lovely time with these ladies. xo
Happy Easter! Hope everyone is having a great long weekend :)

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

thing post!

I saw a movie this evening (this one - SO SO SO good! Go see it!) and I really enjoy seeing trailers before the feature film even starts. I love being able to look forward to more movies in the future! I will defs be seeing this movie (likely with my dad & sis due to the genre) and this one looks like it might be scary but intriguing.

What movies have you seen recently that you liked or are going to see? I saw Admission last weekend and it was pretty cute! It actually has more of a story line that it appears to from the trailer which was nice. I enjoyed it thoroughly for a cute, light movie.

Did anyone see Saturday Night Live when Justin Timberlake hosted last week? This performance of JT and Jay Z was ah-maze-ing. They are really, really talented men and this was a fantastic rendition of their new song.

The comedian Gerry Dee is coming to Vancouver!! I think I have blogged about his TV show, Mr. D a while back, so I can only imagine that him as a comedian would be hilarious. Anyone want to go with me?! (it's in December)

There is going to be a Cactus Club in Langley! Yay! Also, someone told me that South Surrey was getting a Joey's but I can't find any confirmation on that...anyone know anything?!

Mumford & Sons will be playing at Holland Park on May 24! They are pretty great - this is one of their most popular songs these days.

I have been trying to like caesers these days, because they come with pickles or other great things, and saw this article on caesers that have gone too far with the toppings. I don't know about you, but that's the best part to me so the more the merrier! Oh and read this article to learn when one restaurant is doing to embarrass people who don't show up for their reservation...

Last but not least...check out Amanda & I signed up for...Ah! We bought a Groupon and figured why not?!

oh 28...

Yesterday, I turned 28...for whatever reason, as I creep towards 30, birthdays scare me. I just don't love them like I used to!! I had dinner with my family on Sunday at the Boathouse in White Rock and yesterday spent the day cookin' up some homemade pasta with Heidi which was super duper fun. And then I topped it off with a few drinks with my siblings and a few friends. And naturally, below are some photos of it all!

My salmon topped with a lobster & mushroom sauce at the Boathouse (to die for)

My little brother bought be flowers for my birthday! (there's a first for everything!)

The beginning of pasta making! Heidi did all the leg work while I did this....

...way more fun than kneading dough right?! Baby snuggles!!

We made 'stained glass pasta' which is pasta with herbs inside the dough.

We both have blogs & both love to photograph food WAY too much

We made some ravioli and some fettucine

Pesto sauce with roasted cherry tomatoes

Spinach salad with beets, feta and walnuts

Food photo shoot: a photo in a photo! Heidi took WAY better photos than I did; check out her post & beautiful photos here

The DELICIOUS meal (accompanied by a little white wine...why not?)

...and the result of the final meal!

Thanks to EVERYONE who gave me well wishes for my birthday - it is VERY much appreciated!! I am lucky to have great people in my life that care so much :) xoxo

Friday, March 22, 2013

books on my shelf.

I currently have a stack of books on my bedside table that are my list of "read soon" books. All of them I have such an interest in so why on earth can't I bring myself to read them?! I used to LOVE reading every single night before bed (and any other time I could read) but now I for some reason don't want to read. What is wrong with me?! HELP!

Here are the books I have really, really good intentions of reading soon:

From top to bottom:

1. Sweet Valley High Confidential - the "ten years later" of Sweet Valley that I am about 3/4 completed. (just a little guilty pleasure to remind me of the good ol' high school days!)

2. The Guide to PCOS - a syndrome that I am trying to learn more about so I bought a book.

3. Outliers - a Malcolm Gladwell book about success given to me upon completion of my "practicum" at school from an instructor.

4. Onward - the Starbucks book that I am also about 3/4 completed...and have been 3/4 completed for about a year....whoops!

5. Talent Masters - a required reading from school that I am about half way done; in various chunks. I read some random parts for a paper I was writing and do want to read it from start to finish!

6. Moloka'i - my mom gave me this book and again, I am about 1/2 way through and I actually do want to know what what happens! (again, so why can't I bring myself to continue reading it??!) It's about a girl who gets leprosy in Hawaii in the 1890's and her & her family's struggle with it.

7. The ROI of Human Capital - another required reading for school that I have only read random parts of....

8. Retooling HR - yet another required reading for school that I read random parts of! (sorry Duane...)

9. Confessions of a Wedding Planner - my daddio bought me this book since I am slightly wedding-obsessed...

So, seriously friends - where should I start? I need a strategic plan here. Start with all of the ones I am already partially completed and then go from there? I think that's a good way to go at this. Any other suggestions? Why aren't I in love with reading right now like I used to be?!

PS - I am really sad that my iPhone camera isn't working well these days. I think there must be a scratch on the lens because all of the photos get a slightly blurry corner. You can see in the book photo above that the bottom of the photo is blurry... I am bummed. I take so many photos on my phone!! :( 

PPS - Pants & I made fish tacos for dinner last night! (again, see how the photo is blurry in the corner??)

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

days of my life

I am aware this photo sucks, however... I made this tortellini last night & it was super yummy. The sauce was canned tomatoes, cream cheese, basil & some other spices. I saw the recipe somewhere and now can't find it for the life of me...whoops. It tasted just like creamy tomato sauce (which I l.o.v.e.) but without typical heavy cream!

Amanda saw this banana mash mask on Dr. Oz so we tried it...

...does it look like we have less wrinkles yet?!

On tonight's menu: homemade Chinese food! I made chow mein, fried rice, beef & broccoli, szechuan beans and vegetable chop suey. Definitely not the same tasty-ness as when you get it from a restaurant, but pretty good.

I thought my beef & broccoli TOTALLY looked exactly like when you order it!

My bank has an app now - yay

Another lovely reminder about the choices we make.
Check out what I am planning on making for dinner tomorrow

The potential media stunt Lululemon pulled?

Gwenyth Paltrow has a new cookbook (plus an opinion on it...)

Want to work for the Canucks?!

Hope everyone is having a great Wednesday!

earrings & the like

Somehow in the past two days, I have come across a million pairs of earrings I am in love with!

Kate Spade

Rachel Roy - not sure I love the skull; but I LOVE the mismatch idea

Rachel Roy (as seen on The Mindy Project!)

Citizen Grace

And, clearly not earrings, BUT aren't these gorgeous??

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Some events of my weekend are photographed below; plus some lovely little reads for ya :)

My sister & I tried to go to Anton's for dinner on Saturday night but the line up was insane (& we refused to wait outside in the cold) so we wandered down the street and found Romana's. We both had pizza and it was yummy! The cool thing about this restaurant is that it has been around for 40 years and owned by the same family that entire time. I like supporting little places like that! After dinner, we saw the Incredible Burt Wonderstone which wasn't as funny as we were expecting sadly.

Our backseat driver whilst Heidi & I went for a drive on Sunday to get coffee

We had coffee at Forty Ninth Parallel in Vancouver which was delish. We had a funky donut with pistachio on it - so good!!

Happy St. Patricks day! Amanda & I went for green beer at the Dublin Crossing in Clayton. It was packed there!! (makes sense; it's an Irish bar...haha)
Did anyone catch the cover of the Province yesterday? This was the story; not very reassuring for our generation!

Ne-Yo & Celine Dion have written a song together!

You can buy collectible VPD products!

Read about the 'Ridiculously Photogenic Homeless Man'

Next time I need to make appies, I am making these! (maybe minus the pepperoni though)

An interesting perspective: a petition to cancel the show "Border Security"

Chocolate avocado pudding...? 

My friend Keri told me about this site a looong time ago and I have just fallen in love with it! So uplifting. I will defs be posting stuff from here!

And I will leave you with this thought for the day: (it is my new phone background as well!)

Friday, March 15, 2013

Hangover 3

Check out the trailer for the Hangover 3 - I think these guys are freaking hilarious. This is scheduled to come out late May. Definitely a must-see!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

bells of ireland

Heidi & I discovered a new flower today that is pretty as a nice neutral flower that could be used for so much: the bell of Ireland. I think they would look good with white hydrangeas!


I made homemade perogies yesterday with this recipe I found online. I knew they were a lot of work, but holy moly, making dough for anything is never a walk in the park, especially when you don't own a rolling pin and have to improvise... but they turned out quite yummy & were totally similar to the perogies you would buy frozen. Of course, I also fried some onions to go with them.

Next time, I would add some more spice or flavor to the potato and cheese filling as it could have used a bit more. Or,  I might try adding spinach or cottage cheese. You could also add bacon or sausage if you eat meat which would definitely give more flavor. I feel like you could get creative with the filling!

The recipe said it made 12 - 15 perogies so I tripled it and ended up with a LOT of pergoies of decent size. I was scared they were going to be baby sized perogies and only make ten with the recipe so I figured more was better, which worked well since we had leftovers. You could also make them and freeze them!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013


One of my favorite blogs I read, A Cup of Jo, had a recent post on things to be thankful for. She talks about keeping a 'gratitude journal' and writing down 3 things each day you are thankful for in order to boost happiness. Since a happiness booster is much needed around here these days, what am I grateful for? I am grateful for living at home (& my parents who put up with me), Kraft cheese & breadsticks that my sister bought for me and the auxiliary jack in my car so that I can listen to good tunes from my iPod. (good music puts me in a great mood usually!!)

I found this hotel on Twitter... it is a prospective hotel that may be built in Mumbai that has a pool in EACH room!! Albeit a small pool, but how cool is that?! I would LOVE this! Not sure how realistic it is...but let's dream about it, shall we?

Today is Coke's 110th birthday! Did you know their 2012 revenue was that of a small countries?!

Very creative food art via Instagram (my fave is the tiger, or the ants & watermelon!)

Border times to increase...lame!

Saturday, March 9, 2013

weekend surfing

Oooo - a book by Pippa Middelton!

Another book - Kate Spade New York: the things we love

Men: would you take your wife's last name?

These are the prettiest, fanciest aprons I have ever seen

Celebrities baby nurseries & some other trendy ones

9 daily habits to make your day happier

Elvis & Priscilla's house now

My Saturday morning movie of choice: Two Weeks Notice (who doesn't love Sandra Bullock?!)

sunny days

Yesterday was a gorgeously sunny day which was definite mood lifter for me, and probably everyone else! How could it not be?!

The lovely drive to Chilliwack to visit my new little buddy Kalan

He let me snuggle him for two hours and just slept quietly the whole time! It was great!

Doesn't he have the cutest little feet?!

He is adorable!

Last night a bunch of us, including my siblings and a lot of people from the Y, went to the annual Step to the Beat fundraiser at a hall in Surrey. It is for the Heart & Stroke Foundation and theres lots of yummy Indian food & dancing. Always a good time - this is the 3rd year in a row I've gone!

Jessica & I rockin' our saris & bindis