Friday, September 27, 2013

thankful thursdays...

...on Friday. I am only a day late. Next week I will try to be on time; although being timely isn't necessarily in my fashion. I think I have definitely improved over the years though!

One of my favorite blogs I read is by a high school teacher of mine. I really love blogs in general and love just hearing about peoples day to day lives. I am fascinated by how people think and what people do. So, she just started doing "thankful Thursdays" where she writes a list of ten things she is thankful for and I thought I would try it out. She has cute photos with each one...I sadly do not. Maybe next time?!

1. My laptop. My parents bought it for me when my old one was on the fritz, and therefore this is a two-parter because I am also very thankful they bought it for me! I seriously don't know what I would do without this thing. (Can you imagine?! No blog!!)

2. Hair elastics and bobby pins. I have the best of intentions all the time to wear my hair down, but it always ends up driving me nuts. Or I get hot.

3. Q-tips. Oh man, they feel so good. I just opened a new box.

4. The breaking news app on my phone. Best thing ever. Did you know gay marriage was made legal in New Jersey today?

5. The fact I don't have fake nails anymore. I do think they were pretty when they were nicely done, but they got so gross after a few weeks and were expensive to upkeep. Plus I fear they were going out of style...  I really don't love my fingernails 'as is' but I always have the option to paint them myself or get them done for special occasions.

6. Grocery stores that are NOT in the ghetto. I went to the Safeway on 104 and King George today to fill a prescription for Edwin (who just got his wisdom teeth taken out) and it was so sketchy in there. I had to use the washroom, which was probably not the brightest idea I`ve ever had. Gross. There were also quite the characters in really made me appreciate the Nester`s Market in Fraser Heights.

7. My 6 foot iPhone wall charger. Best invention ever. I can lay in bed and text until the cows come home! (a normal iPhone cord is 3 feet)

8. Eggs. I wish I could eat them all the time. I really love them and their versatility! I also wish I had the time to make them for breakfast every day. My sister makes scrambled egg whites with shredded yams for breaky sometimes and it's so good! (and healthy)

9. The fact that my drive to work is not even 10 minutes. That is very convenient since I will be working 6 am - 2 pm starting this Monday... I'm trying very, very hard to be positive about it!

Umm...I am struggling for a 10th one! Which means I think I will stop since I don't want to make up something simply for the fact of making up something. Maybe I should seriously start keeping a running tally of things in my phone so that if I do this again, I won't be sitting here trying to think of things. They will be things that I actually have appreciated in the moment! Kid Caron on Sonic (radio station) was talking about a gratitude journal recently. Not a bad idea!

What are "the little things" you are grateful for? 

Monday, September 23, 2013

around the 'net

Hello to the start of the week! I had the day off today for an appointment I had earlier and it brought me back to my Monday day off's. Remember the good ol' days?! I used to be able to go to the mall, the dentist, the states, the grocery store, or the bank so easily! Don't get me wrong, I really enjoy (and prefer) working Monday to Friday with the rest of the world, but there was definitely something to be said for working Tuesday to Saturday. Today I did a bunch of errands after my appointment and then made some chilli for dinner. My parents are still away on their fancy schmancy cruise and I realized I have a hard time cooking in small quantities. Whoops! Chilli anyone?!

I saw this on Kid Carson's Instagram page, and thought this was very applicable for life in general:

Maslow ain't got nothin' on wi-fi

Heidi, Lindsay & I had our usual nacho night last week. This batch seemed extra good so they were photo-worthy. We always have a good time. This time, we let Tim join in; who got quite a kick out of our girly chat I think!

The lovely orange rose Edwin bought me last weekend! I am such a girly girl and think that flowers are so classically romantic. Love it!!

Have you heard about Blackberry these days?? Here's the latest!! As for iPhones...

...according to one article, they didn't sell as many of the new 5S's and 5C's as expected when they came out!

These are amazing/hilarious - 20 tips to make parenting easier

Edwin & I saw this movie on Friday night - definitely worth seeing! It is long though - beware.

Awkward Google street view photos - too funny

Hope everyone has a lovely week!

Saturday, September 14, 2013

First of all, I really apologize as I have been lacking in my blogging these days!!

Second of all, most importantly, it was my Grandpa's 89th birthday on Wednesday, September 11th and I also apologize for blogging late on that. Sorry gramps!! Did you know my grandpa is one of my biggest blog fans? I love that he reads it! Also, I just learned that he is turtle-sitting for my uncle. Grandpa, you are stealing my house and pet sitting business!! :) I hope you had a great birthday and shared some birthday cake with the turtle! xoxo

Thirdly, let's chat weather. Is anyone else constantly sweaty these days? It's driving me crazy! I am so ready for some clouds and rain. I mean, I like the sun and warmth for sure, but I hate trying to straighten my hair or put on makeup when I am dripping in sweat. Gross, I know, but I am ready for less heat for sure!! How about you??

Moving forward from my are some pictures of what I have been up to lately. Hint: there may be a photo of the new boy in my life...look carefully!

I am done living with my cousin Bailey for now. Isn't this a cute photo of him?!

I found this gem of a photo on my aunt's bulletin board. Boy, does this photo have quite a story behind it! Left to right: Me, Aunty Coralee, my brother, my sister, and my cousins Steven and Kristin. This was probably 15 years ago? I have no idea! We were in Osoyoos and went on a banana boat adventure. There mayyyy have been an incident with my aunt falling off said banana boat...and not being able to get back on...

Amanda and I went for sushi at Applause on Oak in Vancouver. It was yummy!! On the left, I tried a new roll. It was smoked salmon and mango, with a soy paper roll instead of seaweed. It didn't really have a huge taste to it; and I'm not sure what the difference is from getting seaweed to soy...I guess if you don't like seaweed you get soy?! Who knows! It was an experiment :) I love, love, love sushi.

Kalan is getting cuter than ever! Look at those blue eyes and that blonde hair. Love him!

Meet Edwin! We went to the PNE for the day. So much fun! Reminded me of my childhood!

This was the only ride we went on - the classic wooden roller coaster!

You can't go to the PNE without having mini donuts. That would be a crime.

I watched Jack last week for an evening. We had some good bonding time! We played with blocks, went to the park, drank a bottle. Ya know, 11 month old things that were pretty darn fun!

Look at that smile and those teeth!!! (his...not mine...!)

He loved being on the swing. It was so adorable! I could have taken a hundred photos but decided I would spend quality time with him instead of snap away photos. (I still ended up taking a few...haha! How could you not?! He's too cute!) Oh, and Heidi warned me that he might be cranky...he was an ANGEL!! It was great!

And, because I can't resist, some fun things for you to read about:

An apartment where rent is based on your weight...

The science-guy behind the Big Bang Theory (love this show!!)

I'm in major lust for the new gold iPhone.

It's a movie from 2011, but I just watched it yesterday and it's a good one - Unknown

I just watched the show about Candy Spelling's new house ("Manor in the Sky") and boy, a $35 million dollar penthouse is pretty darn nice! She definitely has money to spend...

Friday, September 6, 2013

fill the silence

I saw this website, Fill the Silence, on A Cup of Jo and it is awesome! The little images of the dude with a fun fact crack me up.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

a thing post

My friend Nicole sent me this: 800 random questions to ask yourself or others (she was more entertained by people's comments beneath the questions!)

30 things you should stop doing (Do you do these? I do a lot of them...) (this is courtesy of my friend Amanda's Facebook post)

My brother's favorite commercial right now (he literally falls off the couch laughing)

I had lunch at White Spot yesterday and had the tandoori cauliflower quinoa salad - a must have! It had cauliflower, quinoa, almonds, edamame, and grapes. Highly recommend trying it! 

I'm scheduled to donate blood on September 11th - are you a blood donor?

Check out my friend Sam's marriage proposal video! He was a missionary in Colombia and met his fiancee there. He also learned to speak Spanish there. He is a great guy!! 

Guildford Mall is officially FANTASTIC.  Have you been?

Cops and social media faux pas

My friend Garth did the Ironman last weekend in Penticton and blogged about it here. How nuts is he? 

Remember boy band Hanson? Here is what they are up to now!

Sunday, September 1, 2013

it's september already?

We all know how much I love a good wedding event...yes? Well, yesterday Heidi threw her brother Grant a wedding reception in her parents backyard and it was seriously one of the prettiest and most organized events I have ever seen. That girl had some planning talent; that's for sure!! Her brother got married in Australia, where he has been living for the past five years? Six years? It's been a while! He met his new wifey there, Micah, and they are now here for the wedding reception that was yesterday plus a honeymoon in Whistler. I wish I would have taken more photos yesterday!! I thought I did, but apparently they were all of Jack...whoops! Micah wore her wedding dress and it was gorgeous. It was slightly vintage, with lace cap sleeves, and a satin material. So gorgeous!

The entry to the reception - a recipe box, date of their wedding, a globe, and luggage. It also had strings of photos hanging above it.

Jack likes to eat lemons! Who knew?! (this was after his aunt's fed him ice cream...isn't that what aunt's are for?!)

This kid is way too cute. Look at those little feet!!!

If you look closely at Jack's shirt, it's covered in watermelon. Another aunt-happening. Whoops.

Playing with aunty Lindsay while we were attempting to change his diaper.

This is me and my cousin Bailey! I am hangin' with him for the week.

Lindsay and I went to the new Victoria's Secret on Robson st. downtown Vancouver - it is HUGE! It's crazy. I mean, same stuff as any other Victoria's Secret, but cool that we have one here now.

What is everyone up to this long weekend? Who doesn't love an extra day tacked onto the weekend?! I am going to take advantage of my aunt's pool whilst I am here & do some sun tanning. Then, I am having dinner with my parents later & maybe the PNE tomorrow! Happy weekend!