Tuesday, October 29, 2013

happy tuesday!

Below are some Shannon-approved internet readings :) 

How animals sound in 14 different languages

I may have to try these masala veggie burgers from Trader Joes - always in the market for a new, yummy veggie burger! 

How the world shops for groceries (I really enjoy grocery shopping actually!) 

The "two pizza" rule of meetings from Amazon's CEO

Interview questions from Netflix

Guess what concert I am going to on Thursday! So excited!

Mmmm. Crab cakes. (my list entitled "things to make" in my phone seriously never stops shrinking!) (also - crab cakes as burgers! Fabulous idea!)

And last but definitely not least, Edwin and I went to the pumpkin patch this weekend!!! It was so much fun. We saw cute little animals, went on a hay ride, chose a pumpkin straight from the field, ate pumpkin pie, and took a million super fun photos of us! (haha) It was such a fun day! We then carved said pumpkin and it now resides with heart carved in it on Edwin's balcony.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

what's new?

I've had two long weekends in a row - life is grand!! One was because of Thanksgiving, and one was because it was Amanda's birthday so we both took a vacation day and headed down South. Not too far, don't worry! Just to Seattle. We had a blast! Although I'm sure our credit cards may not agree...

Lots of other fun things happened in the past few weeks too. See below :)

I donated blood! It's on my bucket list to donate as often as I am eligible, but sadly it keeps getting pushed aside. I want to try to make it more of a priority. Edwin came and sat patiently with me while learning about the process. He's a keeper :) 

My beautiful friend Harj is officially ENGAGED! This is at her engagement party last Saturday. Her and her finacee, Sunny, are pictured on the "couch", and Dave, my sister, myself and my brother are above.

Isn't Harj beautiful? Oh how I love Indian outfits so so so much!! Plus, amazing food and dancing. What more could you want in a party?!

Uh oh. Anyone want to buy me a Shaw box? Sad days!!

Poor puppy Emma got surgery! She tore her ACL and now has a stylish teal bandage on. She hasn't been feeling too well sadly but hopefully will be on the road to recovery soon.

I thought a little Timmy's might cure it, but she wasn't too interested...

Road trip to Seattle time!!!

We saw our boys Time Flies in concert on Friday - so great!!

We made new friends...

...and ate McDonalds when we got home. Whoops.

We had breakfast at Patty's Eggnest - apparently the best in Seattle?! We figured we HAD to try it if it was self-labelled the BEST...

My huevos rancheros breakfast - actually quite tasty! I'm trying to have more Spanish influence in my life ;)

a thing post

This movie is a MUST SEE right now! (I might also buy the book to read after seeing the movie)

...and another book I may buy to read soon seeing as I recently saw The Shining

"easy peasy" broccoli soup recipe

A Shannon favorite: the business story behind sriracha sauce

22 ways your best friend is actually your partner 

This year was the best cranberry crop in BC in a while! 

A perfect book for every personality type (don't know yours?! Read more here! I'm an ESFJ - not surprising)

pesto spaghetti squash recipe...

...and a butternut squash pasta sauce recipe!

...one more pasta idea: beet sauce. YUM. 

A Burnaby photographer wins a pretty cool award - my sister goes to school with him! 

How one woman got engaged with 300 sandwiches 

A fancy Hollywood engagement 

And last but NOT least...did you know my crazy/crazy athletic dad did the Surrey half marathon a few weekends ago?! Impressive hey!!

My dad, uncle Glenn, and aunty Soraya at the finish line! Such an athletic family I have :)

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

a full year old.

My little buddy Jack turned ONE year old today! Remember when he was born?? He is a fantastic little child and I can't believe he is already a year old!

Happy birthday Jack!!!! xoxo

Saturday, October 12, 2013

a biking stagette

A friend of mine that I used to work with at the YMCA, Jalene, is getting married in Hawaii next month, and her stagette was last weekend. The plan was to bike the seawall and stop for some drinks along the way. I was a little apprehensive since I haven't been on a bicycle since, uh, a long time ago! I was also a little apprehensive for biking in October due to weather...

It turns out that the whole day was super fun and SUCH a unique idea for a stagette!! We had brunch at Hurricane Grill in Yaletown and then rented bikes. It was a gorgeous day for a bike day! We rode to a few pubs along English bay, and then to Second Beach in Stanley Park. We ended up at The Parlour back in Yaletown around 6 pm for dinner, which meant our biking adventure lasted about 4 hours. My bum was a little sore at the end considering I haven't biked in a long time!! We had so much fun. After dinner, we went home around 10 pm. It was kinda fun that we didn't go out to a bar or club like you typically would for a stagette. I thought this whole idea was awesome!

Amanda & I wore our helmets for a bit...we are so cool.

A little cloudy, but perfect bike riding weather!


One of the many non-optional shots we had!

Amanda, the bride, and me. Isn't she pretty?!?

Amanda's pizza from Parlour - it had a fried egg on it!

My pizza - ahi tuna on it!! It was so delicious. I would go back just for this pizza.

Happy Thanksgiving weekend everyone!! Enjoy your turkey dinners :)

Sunday, October 6, 2013

happy birthday!! (x 2)

I have two favorite gals in my life to wish happy birthday to - one was at the end of September and one was today. (Christy-Dawn, I apologize for the late birthday post!!)

As a disclaimer, I am fully aware that the majority of my blog posts involve food. It's just such a social thing!! And so yummy. And a fun topic to blog about.

Last weekend I celebrated with Christy-Dawn and her family by going for dinner to the most fantastic, authentic pizza place EVER called Via Tevere Pizzeria in Vancouver. I seriously felt like I was in Italy the entire time. (I've never been to Italy, I know, but just trust me on this one guys! haha) The food was amazing (descriptions will follow with photos) and it was super fun to spend time with Christy-Dawn and her husband and her brother and his wife with their adorable baby Kaelyn. So much fun! I love how they count me as part of their family. Happy birthday Christy-Dawn!!!

Appetizers: meatballs and an antipasto platter (that included cheeses to die for)

The kitchen in the middle of it all! I really need to try to take better pictures of cool things. The giant pizza over was directly to the left of this and it would have been a good photo. Kaelyn loved watching them make the pizzas!

Christy-Dawn's pizza: margherita with proscittuo. The pizza dough was light and fluffy and the cheese was fresh mozzarella.

My pizza: mushroom with argula. They put flavored olive oil at your table. One was basil infused and one was a spicy olive oil. I ended up using both! They were both really yummy.

Me, Kaelyn, and Christy-Dawn (we took this photo about 12 times...)

The dessert sampler. That donut in the middle you see? Superb. I could have eaten 17 of them. They tasted like a mini donut from the PNE mixed with a hint of fruity and chocolate.

We went back to Christy-Dawn's house after to hang out (their fantastic new house I mentioned to you all a few months back!) and Kaelyn decided the ice cubes were her favorite snack! Too cute she is.

Aaaaand today is my momma's birthday!!! We went for a family lunch today to Original Joe's and everyone was there! It's always nice when all of us are able to get together since that can be a challenging task these days with everyone's schedules. My parents just got back from a two week vacation where they cruised the Caribbean and then spent some time in Florida, so after lunch we had a picture presentation of their trip. It looked beautiful AND they even swam with sting rays! It was pretty neat looking.

PS - remember the amazing falafel burger I had from Original Joe's in Kamloops?  I was so incredibly disappointed to find out that it was just a seasonal menu item!!!! I really loved it. I don't think their normal veggie burger is very flavorful so I got a wrap today with soy chicken which wasn't bad. I do really appreciate when places have vegetarian substitutes! 

I am glad we were able to take a girls photo of us today - love my mom and my sis to bits!!
Happy birthday momma bear - love you lots!! xoxo