Tuesday, November 19, 2013

what's new?

I have that feeling of that I have TOO much to blog about that I almost have NOTHING to blog about. Therefore, I am just dropping in to say hello! Maybe this will help me get over my time anxiety...

A few quick tidbits of info for you though:

1. Edwin and I went to Seattle a few weekends ago and has SO much fun! We shopped, had dinner at a fancy seafood restaurant (even though he doesn't really like seafood), drank wine, walked Pike Place, and went to the aquarium.

This is us with the scuba diver that was in the giant tank at the entrance of the aquarium! I love this photo because it's cute and it makes me giggle a little. It was us and all the little kids watching her presentation. I just love anything to do with water!!

2. We also went to a presentation last night about expanding public transportation in the Lower Mainland. It was a panel of five who gave their opinions on the current situation of transit as well as the potential future of transit. Considering I had no real prior knowledge of anything transit-related, I felt quite educated after it. I feel like I want to comment on it, however I want to do some more research so I can actually have a valid opinion. Regardless, super interesting and intellectual!

3. My sister is SOOO close to being done her degree. Isn't that crazy?! In about three weeks, she will be done school forever. Well...THIS type of school! There may be more, say, in Regina perhaps?

4. Check out the 50 most powerful people in Vancouver. Our YMCA boy Robert Lee is on there!!

Anywho, I think that is all I have to say at this point in time. Happy November!!!!