Wednesday, January 29, 2014

a picture says a thousand words

Harj, Dave, Nick, and I had lunch at Red Robin last weekend. It was good to catch up with them and hang out with our lil' buddy Nick. He's too fun. And boy, did his cheesy macaroni from the kids menu look delicious!

Amanda and I went sari shopping with Lisa on the weekend in preparation for the two weddings I have coming up: Min and Harj. Min's is February 9th and Harj's is May 18th. Since we were surrounded by Indian restaurants, we had some dinner. These appetizers, of which I cannot remember the name for anymore, were quite the entertainment. The ball is a hollow, hard shell. You take your spoon, tap the top of the shell to make a small hole, and then spoon some potatoes and chick peas into the shell. You then pour in some of the liquid and then pop the whole thing in your mouth. It tastes yummy AND is kinda fun to eat!

I baked these semi-healthy cookies recently. They still have butter and sugar in them, but there is also carrots and apples! I also put in some flax seed, oats, and a few types of nuts.

Edwin and I did lots and lots of errands last weekend. It was insanely productive. I made a list at the beginning of the weekend of about 15 things we needed to accomplish (him getting a hair cut was one of them!) and then we checked them off as we went. I LOVE being productive. I also LOVE making lists and checking things off of them. It feels so satisfying. This photo made me feel like I was paparazzi. I needed to get my eyebrows done, so we went to my eyebrow place in Fleetwood. Lo and behold, they had men's haircuts on special for $5! We got to kill two birds with one stone there. My eyebrows are shaped and normal again and he had a decent haircut!. Win win.

We went to Winners over the weekend and I found this fun, bright tray for $8. It now lives on Edwin's coffee table. It also has my Latin cookbook and the blue vase with flowers on it. It looks very chic.

I took this trying to be artistic. Was I successful? (we bought plantains at Two EE's!!! I'm so excited to make fried plantains!!!)

My cousins son Linden turned 1 this week! Happy birthday Linden!! We had a birthday party complete with balloons and....

...cake! Surprisingly, Linden was not too impressed with the cake at first. He did end up eating a bit in the end.

I donated blood today. I actually had an appointment a month or so ago that I missed when I had a super duper bad stomach flu. They definitely didn't want my blood then. Now my blood should be in tip top shape! ;) JC, who is home from her latest adventure, accompanied me and then we got sushi. YUM.

I'll top off this picture post with a few words. I like words!

I mentioned a few weeks ago that my sister is going to be leaving us. She got a phone call on Monday saying she is leaving to the RCMP Depot on Monday, February 10th for six months in Regina. That will by far by the longest I have gone without seeing her in 22 years. Who is going to get sushi with me at the place where we have to take our shoes off? Who is going to convince me to not buy yet another pair of flip flops? Who is going to make sure I buy the low fat salad dressing and eat egg whites instead of eggs? Who is going to respond to my ridiculous voice notes over Whatsapp?Who is going to use up all my hairspray without me realizing?

I am very, very excited for her and know she is going to be very, very successful in her new career. This is a HUGE step for her and it is an amazing opportunity that she has worked her butt off for. I just don't actually know what six months without her will feel like. Weird, that's for sure. I don't know if I can talk about it in much more detail without bursting into tears!!

I also mentioned a few weeks ago that I signed up to be a stem cell donor. I received my package in the mail yesterday to submit some tests to see if I am eligible to donate. I haven't done it yet, but essentially I have to swab my mouth four times in four different spots and then mail them to Ottawa. I will keep you posted! Again, if you are interested, click here for more info or to sign up. Or, click here to find out more about donating blood.

Did you know the Vancouver Auto Show is coming up soon? I want to go! I need to be careful. My Honda Fit might get jealous...

Lastly, two recipes I want to try: homemade pesto and mushroom risotto. Mmmmm.

Goodnight world!!

PS - is that even the expression? "A picture says a thousand words" - ?? It sounds funny to me now after reading it a few times!!! Oh well. You get my point!!! (hopefully)

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

thankful tuesday

I am overly thankful for this life that I have and all the people in it. Here are a few things I am thankful for lately: 

1. Blogs. In general. They are an expression of your personality. I love, love, love reading about peoples lives. I love human nature. Just today, I saw this this quiz on A Cup of Jo. It is very American, however it's pretty funny. It tells you where you "are from" based on how you speak. Apparently I speak as if I from California...

2. This face wash. It's great and makes your face feel very clean and refreshed after. Plus, when your boyfriend unexpectedly buys you more when you're almost out of it, well, that's pretty great too. 

3. Two EE's market. I love going to places where vegetables are fresh, mostly locally grown, and normally priced, as opposed to buying a red pepper for $4 elsewhere. I also like that they are a small business and that I am supporting them as opposed to Price Smart. Two EE's also sells lots of other things other than vegetables and fruit. They have spices, bread, juice, sour cream, and a bunch of other things you wouldn't expect! Quite convenient. I also really like Bob's Country Farm Market but they are closed for the season right now.

4. Netflix. There is just so much content I never know where to start! Tonight I have settled on Crazy, Stupid Love.

5. Nachos. Heidi, Lindsay and I get together at least once per month to chat and eat nachos. I don't even know how that started, but I can't even  begin to tell you the number of pans of nachos we have lovingly oven-baked over the past few years. They are so delicious. And cheesy. And come with amazingly girly conversation. (Well, sometimes the boys are invited...just sometimes.) Nachos are happening tomorrow and my tummy is VERY excited for them.

Friday, January 17, 2014

fun things

I haven't done a "thing post" in a while! So here is some entertainment for you if you are just sitting in bed on this Friday night like moi ;)

I just got a Scene card last week. Do you have one? How long does it take to accumulate things?

Amanda introduced me to Alex and Sierra from the X Factor. I like this song and especially like this song. Oh, and their audition video was super adorable.

Check out this blogger's this mantra for 2014! I like it. Simple, practical, and so good.

I made my own variation of curried vegetable soup last week. It was yummy! I had opened a HUGE can of chick peas so they had to get used somehow...I also had made a vegetable soup (with chick peas!) the night before.

This travel website is probably the coolest ever. I'd never heard of it and all of a sudden I want to go everywhere and stay in all these places!! (Fun fact: Ashton Kutcher was an original investor of the company!)

These 30 happiest facts of all time made me smile. 

Last weekend was my friend Min's stagette - she is getting married on February 8th! We had high tea at Provence Marinaside, which was really nice. I have never been to a high tea! I really enjoyed it! (keep that in mind to anyone planning my stagette in the future...haha)

Eliza, Lisa, Min (the bride-to-be!), Amanda, and me

Lisa and Amanda drinking their tea (I ordered the best kind of tea - coffee!)

Oh, and I got some major Kalan snuggles last weekend. He is so cuddly!

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

twenty fourteen

Happy 2014 and Happy Wednesday - we are half way through the first full week of work after the holidays - hooray!  

Tulips on the coffee table are so pretty and make me happy
Today has been a great day. Firstly, it is my doesn't-look-a-day-over-26-years-old aunt's birthday! Happy birthday to my Aunty Coralee! Second of all, we got some exciting news about my little sister today - SHE GOT IN! (I didn't ask for permission to blog about this...whoops! We will just leave it at this for now and hope I don't get in trouble...more to come soon hopefully, but click on the link for now!)

I hope everyone had a great new year's eve and a good start to the year. For new year's evening, Edwin and I went to The Boathouse in White Rock for dinner. We had yummy steak, prawns, and halibut (well, minus the first one for moi) and the most delicious cheesecake ever. Then we drank champagne to ring in the new year at midnight.

My handsomely dressed man poppin' champagne

A shameless selfie!
On New Years Day, we had our annual family dinner with my mom's side of the family at my Aunty Josie's. Last year, my siblings and I missed this dinner as we were at a wedding. As of this dinner, Edwin has officially met ALMOST everyone in my extended family; with the exception of one cousin on each side. The below photos are courtesy of my Uncle Dave. I wish I had taken some photos (for blog purposes of course!) but it sort of slipped my mind.

Kristen, my poppa, and lil' sis

Aunty Catherine, Grandma, and Pants

Robyn, Keira, and my momma

Edwin, me, Aunty Lorna
Speaking of dinners, I had a bit of an adventure last week making dinner for Edwin and I. It resulted in a minor arm burn, a burnt steak, soggy non-fritter like zucchini fritters, overly dill-ish tsatziki, and a grumpy cook. Oh well; it will still relatively edible. You win some and lose some in the kitchen I guess. Check out this new recipe I want to try! (wish me luck...)

The aforementioned kitchen injury. I thought I could be a hero and rescue a fallen potato...I couldn't.
On another note, I have a friend from work that is going through some current medical issues. She has already required a blood transfusion, and is now in need of a stem cell or bone marrow transplant. She just found out her sister is not a match, so she has been put on the registry and is beginning the process of waiting for a match. If you have any interest in signing up to be a donor for stem cells or bone marrow, you can find out more information here. I signed up last night, because I'd absolutely love if it could help her in some way, but also think it would be great just to be able to help anyone who needs it. (By the way, did you know that this is separate from being an organ donor or a blood donor? So much to learn in the medical world!) Alternatively, if you are interested in donating blood, which is always in need as well, find out more information about it here. I have a blood donation appointment coming up on January 29th in the evening if anyone would like to accompany me?! :)