Friday, March 28, 2014

feliz cumpleaños a mí

(I only had to google part of that title, I promise!)

Wednesday was my 29th birthday, and I totally got spoiled.

On Tuesday night, I went to Browns in White Rock with some girlfriends, accompanied by my brother and Dylan later on. I always love a good social soda and biltmore pizza. Oh and my friends! Nicole and I realized we've been celebrating our birthdays together for over ten years. That made me feel a little old. But I also got ID'd by our server, so that evened it out and made me feel young.

Amanda & I

Beautiful flowers from Harj
On Wednesday, I went to work and was pleasantly surprised by Edwin waiting at my car for me with roses! I was not expecting that at all! (He also gave me a gift card to Aritzia - anyone want to go shopping ASAP?!) We then went to the Olive Garden for dinner, and lo and behold my family also came! We ate a yummy pasta dinner, accompanied with far too many breadsticks. (Side note: I've been blabbing about the Olive Garden for about 3 solid weeks now; needless to say Edwin is a good listener and picks up on things!) My parents got me a gift certificate to a gourmet food store called Well Seasoned, which offers cooking classes AND super cool kitchen items, sauces etc. I am excited to use it!!

Roses from Edwin

Then, we went to meet the new Spier doggy, Odie! He is a rescue dog from Dogway Dog Rescue Society in Mission, so he is a little on the scruffy and scared side, but I think he's settling in quite well now that he knows how many treats he is about to get for the rest of his lifetime!

Odie & I - we are buddies now

Last night, Heidi, Lindsay, and I switched up our usual nacho night for pizza night! Heidi came up with such delicious pizza toppings (like butternut squash and sage) and we all ate to our hearts content. They got me a vegetable-of-the-day cookbook and it's amazing. You should see the images in this cookbook - it'll make you only ever want to eat vegetables in life!!

There is lots of things on the agenda for this weekend: hanging out with Odie again, seeing JC who is only home until Monday (and then off to work on a cruise ship that does AUSTRALIA!), gym, groceries, seeing Aziz Ansari at the River Rock tomorrow night, and the 2014 auto show! It will be a great weekend. What are you up to?!

Monday, March 24, 2014

pho & bubble tea

On Saturday night, Edwin and I walked to a pho restaurant near his house called All About Pho. It isn't far at all, maybe a 5 -7 minute walk, but I really like being able to walk places! It makes me feel more active plus it makes me feel like I am saving the world one less car ride at a time.

Fun fact: this restaurant used to be a 7-11! I remember coming here for slurpees not that long ago; maybe a few years?

It was so yummy. My absolute favorite thing from pho restaurants are the salad rolls. They have noodles, lettuce, pork, and prawns in them but I just order them without the pork. They are wrapped in rice paper (I think) and served with peanut sauce. So, so, so, good.

After dinner, we got bubble tea from the same restaurant and walked back to Edwin's. I had mango bubble tea which was a change from my usual peach bubble tea. (they didn't have peach) I think I'd order it again actually! Do you like bubble tea? I'd never had it until I met Edwin, and now I've had it a handful of times and really enjoy it! You can get it made with milk or with ice; I get the ice version. It's kind of just like a fruit smoothee with the "bubbles" in it! I described the pearls to my mom over the weekend as being kind of like gummy bears, which I thought was fairly accurate, but Edwin didn't agree. So I am at a loss of how to describe them! (Think of round gummy bears....)

It was a yummy Saturday night date night!

My vermicelli bowl & green tea

My handsome man with his Vietnamese sub & noodle soup. Oh! And my salad roll can be seen in the very front! Yum.

Last but not least, bubble tea. Edwin had strawberry banana - his is the manly pink drink. I am not a huge fan as I don't like banana flavored things. And I only like overly ripe green bananas. Or bananas baked in things.

Happy Monday! What is everyone up to this week? Some of us are turning old on Wednesday...another year, another blog post! This weekend, Edwin & I are going to see comedian Aziz Ansari at the River Rock. I am super excited for it - he is hilarious!

Friday, March 21, 2014

happy weekend!

Hola! (that is the extent of the Spanish I am attempting to learn...)

What do y'all have planned for the weekend? So far, I have relaxed on the couch and eaten nachos for dinner. I'd say that is a successful start to a weekend, no?

I don't even have any real plans for the weekend! Edwin and I usually go to the gym and do groceries on Saturdays, and Sundays we now have a regular dinner planned with my family. This Sunday will be our 4th consecutive dinner. My sister is a little bummed that we began these after she moved to another province...more incentive for her to try to get placed back here!! I've requested fajitas for this Sunday - should be yummy.

Here are some fun things to peruse if you are just laying low this evening:

The Hollywood gossip part of me reallyyyyy wants to buy this months Vogue

Know of a job for Robbie?

I love caesers, but this drink is excessive!

11 tiny changes to improve your day-to-day life

A new book on meal planning (side note: do YOU meal plan?) (also: love her blog title)

Deborra Hope is leaving Global News!

"Meatballs are the franchise players of the plate" 

Edwin & I went to a UBC Alumni event on Wednesday evening at the UBC Boathouse in Richmond. How gorgeous is this view?!

Monday, March 17, 2014

Happy Monday! I hope everyone is having a great start to the week. I just thought I'd say hello.

A Monday funny

I'm off to bed - goodnight world!

Sunday, March 9, 2014

a weekend thing post

It's always so sad when the weekend comes to an end! As a people, we should really start pushing for 4 day work weeks. Why not?! :)

This is my new favorite song on the radio these days. How can you not be happy when you hear it?!

There is a new app to help you read super duper fast - I can read the 305 WPM but the 500 WPM goes reallllllly fast!! That would take some getting used to for sure, but if it worked, that would be kinda handy.

Have you seen this Miracle Whip commercial? Oh man, hilarious!!

Have you also seen Rob Ford on Jimmy Kimmel? Also hilarious! "Why are you dressed like a magician?" (my favorite part)

We are getting wine and beer in grocery stores! Yay! So convenient.

I made my own version of this soup last week. It was different as it was fairly sweet. I might not make it too often, but if you have sweet potatoes on hand, it's not bad! I like soups that are pureed like this.

I felt like going shopping last week after painstakingly falling in love with expensive sweater after expensive sweater online... so instead, I filled that void by hitting up the clearance sections at The Gap and Old Navy. I ended up buying one sweater and one shirt, as well a shirt for Edwin. And I only spent $45! Which was actually from a gift card I got for Christmas - thanks momma! I was a happy shopper.

Lastly, check out what I went to on Saturday night...

 Happy start of the week to everyone!! I hope it is great :)

Monday, March 3, 2014

thankful monday

I think I have yet to do "Thankful Thursday" on a Thursday. Oh well - I guess I'm allowed to be thankful other days of the week than Thursday!

Here are the things I am particularly thankful for in my life as of late: 

1. My sister is loving her experience so far in Regina despite the tons of snow and freezing cold. She sent us this picture today of when she went for a run in the snow. (I know, she's crazy...) 

2. My friend Nicole. It was her birthday last Friday and we celebrated by going for dinner and drinks at Luke's Kitchen in Kits. She is good at finding trendy places to go for group dinners like this! I hope she has an amazing 29th year! (oh my gosh...can't believe me and all my friends will be 30 next year!! Sorry for bringing that up Nicole...hehehe)

3. A  new coffee maker! It was definitely an accident that I broke the old one...I promise! But it lived a good, long, four years and brewed many cups of coffee for someone who loved it dearly (Edwin). This new coffee maker is now super fancy, comparatively speaking! It is Presidents Choice and was only $29.99. I am not super familiar with coffee maker prices, but that seemed pretty decent to me. Plus, if it only lasts a few years, it was worth it. We have made one successful pot of coffee with our dear new appliance:

My first cup of coffee with the new coffee maker. It was tasty.

Edwin read the me users manual :)
4. My grandparents are selling their home. Where this is not something I'm necessarily thankful for (I will miss that home so, so much!!), it is so fun to see what memories have been dug up from the basement in photographs so far. Their house was bought without a buyer even looking at the house, which means they are likely going to tear it down and rebuild something on the property. That makes me sad considering the amount of birthday parties, sleepovers, Christmases, and family parties we have had in that house. I'll have to take some photos and put them on my blog!

My parents, circa 1980ish.

Our family, circa 1995ish.

My brothers first birthday party! (Upon looking at this photo, my mom lovingly told Edwin that "Shannon used to try to get into every photo even when it wasn't her birthday." Thanks mom...)

5. Bananas! Edwin eats bananas like they are going out of style, plus he likes literally anything banana flavored. So, I made bananas flambe on Saturday night for dessert! I had seen it on a cooking show the week before and thought it looked pretty yummy. I definitely didn't follow the recipe as it exactly should have been followed (ie: there was no actually flambe-ing involved!), but it still turned out quite well, especially when served over ice cream.

The current banana inventory. Oh, and there are some plantains in there.
6. Homemade pizza with herb and garlic dough from Trader Joes. Yum. You HAVE to try this pizza dough! Not only did it taste delicious, but it was only $1. That dough made one quite large pizza for Edwin and I and we ate it for dinner as well as both took it for lunch the next day.

We had a plethora of toppings.
7. Last but not least, I'm pretty darn thankful for this guy in general.