Wednesday, October 29, 2014

some food-ish reads

I recently finished reading Julie & Julia. I loved it! It's probably no surprise that I really enjoy reading anything that has to do with cooking, and this was all about is. Well, French cooking, to be exact... of which I have NO knowledge of. I'd love to do some gourmet French cooking, but some of the recipes seem a bit too challenging and/or exotic for me. (ie: duck, veal...) Simply because Julia Child is so cool, and these recipes are classic, I'd love to own this cookbook that the book is based on. (Not sure how often I'd use it though because of the aforementioned issues...)

The one recipe I'd really love to try is Oeufs en meurette, which is poached eggs in red wine. How fancy does that sound?!

A colleague recently made Tom Yum soup and it looked SO good. (it's now on my "to make" list)

Another colleague told me about a Mexican breakfast dish called migas - also on my "to make" list!

If anyone is up for a burrito on Friday night, loves Chipotle like me, and wants to help a good cause, check out BOORITO! (the name of the event made me laugh SO hard)

Check out: 30 quick dinners with no meat (I need to try bean patties!) 

We had a food truck at work last week for lunch one day! That was eventful. I think they are normally in Abbotsford during the lunch time on weekdays.

Ever heard of cauliflower rice? This is new to me!! But looks like a healthy alternative to regular rice.

Loblaws is removing all artificial color & flavor from their Presidents Choice products - I feel like that is a bold (but great) move for them! Do you have any really great PC products you like?

I was inspired by this recipe to use spaghetti squash in a way that I hadn't thought of! I normally just make regular spaghetti with it, but with this recipe, you make it like a stuffed baked potato. I used used whatever I had in the fridge to stuff it (and some pesto for the flavor) and it was filling and tasteful.

I shared this on Facebook, but it needs to be here as well: the best restaurants in Surrey. (if you haven't been to the Roadhouse, you NEED to go) (the restaurants from that list that I haven't tried are Bistro 72, Taqueira Jalisco, Good Day Sunshine Cafe, the Cabin, and Dasom Korean)

And lastly, a fun one: check out these 20 Canada-specific foods! Whats your favorite? I think mine is poutine...

Sunday, October 19, 2014

wedding update

I thought I'd write a little post on what the latest is with our wedding. (Eeee! It still is so exciting...)

First, we picked a venue! We will be getting married at the Vancouver Golf Club. This is actually where my parents had their wedding reception, as did my Aunty Catherine & Uncle Bruce. My grandpa has been a member there for quite a few years now (let's say 30? 40?! I'm not sure!) and we've been going there for family meals regularly for as long as I can remember. This place has a special family meaning to me and that's what I'm most excited about with getting married here. That being said, it IS very pretty!!

I love the view of the city from here.

Our wedding is on Saturday, September 19, 2015. We had originally wanted it on the first Saturday in September, or the second one, however apparently you have to book your wedding date quite far in advance if you have a particular date in mind. 13 months ahead of time was not sufficient! So, we are totally fine with that date. I've come to terms with if it rains, it rains. Life will go in!

We also have photographers booked, the lovely Gary & Louise from GC Photography. They were both teachers at my high school, and Louise is a fellow blogger! I'm super excited to work with them and plan an engagement session sometime in the new year.

Our wedding party is comprised of my sister as my maid of honor, and my brother as Edwin's best man. We also will have Jack, Heidi's adorable kiddo, as our ring bearer. I am confident that all three will do an amazing job in their roles - Jack is already calling himself a bear.

This ring bearer shirt made me giggle!
I went dress shopping once so far, and it was really, really great to actually try on dresses and find out what I actually like and don't like. I had an appointment at Lisa's Bridal, and did find one dress I quite liked! However, I do want to look around more to continue to find things I like/dislike in a dress and find the perfect one. My momma & I are going shopping in the states this Saturday to check out David's Bridal there. I'll keep you posted!

I've been trying to decide on wedding colors lately, as this will impact invitations, potential chair covers, decorations, my sisters dress colors, flowers, etc. I really love gold, so I want to incorporate some in, but not a tacky amount of gold. I also love coral, but am not 100% decided on that. I do want some sort of bright color incorporated though.

I love the colors of these flowers. I also love hydrangeas.

I love this gold sparkly tablecloth! Maybe not realistic... but so fun.
Besides finding a dress, I don't feel toooo pressured to do anything else very soon. I know there are still lots of things to do, but I think we do still have some time! Ironically enough, on my list of things to do is to make a wedding list of things to do this week. I want to find a super complete list (online, I guess?) to work from and then see exactly what else I "should" be doing at this point prior to the wedding.

So, that's all the latest scoop on the Shedwin wedding! (Uncle Dave, unfortunately, somehow 'Shedwin' has stuck...) If you have any helpful advice, thoughts, opinions, or anything else, please feel free to share - any help or ideas are greatly appreciated. I am really enjoying planning so far, but do know that there is still a lot of work ahead for us to do for this big day. Thinking about our wedding makes me excited every single day!! (and not JUST for the actual wedding, but also because it means I get Edwin as a husband forever!)

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

i read a book.

I used to read ALL the time, but I think school threw me for a loop. I didn't have much time to read for fun, and once I stopped reading novels, I kind of lost my reading momentum. Since reading all the books on my bookshelf is a bucket list item, I am excited to work on this!

My beloved bookshelf in its new home.
Recently, Edwin & I have been reading before bed. I enjoy a bit of quiet time before going to sleep. His current read is Dr. Sleep, which is a sequel to The Shining. I just finished The Proper Care and Maintenance of Friendship. To be totally honest, I don't even know how it wound up on my bookshelf! (if you know, please fill me in!) I am glad it did get on my bookshelf, because I really enjoyed reading it. The book is about 4 girlfriends, and one of them passes away. Right before, she writes each of the other 3 a letter asking them to do something specific that she knew was WAY out of their comfort zone. It is a cute, easy read and a feel-good story. I have to admit, I like a girly easy read every now & then!

While I do have quite a few on my list of to-reads, anyone else have any good book recommendations? Have you finished any books in general lately?

As I mentioned last week, I did something this weekend that I haven't done for a long time: horse back riding!!!

Amanda & I on our horses

This horse had blue eyes - aren't they pretty? Not very common, either!
This was my view the whole time. The ride was actually quite pretty at Buntzen Lake.
I think the company we went on this trail ride was Equu Trails. We actually found them on Groupon, so it was not super expensive to go, which was nice. I really liked that some of their horses are rescue horses! I really like horses, and feel like such a cowgirl when I ride them. It brings me back to my cowgirl days...remember Timberline Ranch?! (I volunteered there as a teenager for several years - we had some great summers there!)

To end off this post, a recipe for zucchini pasta & quinoa-bean meatballs! YUM! I've made spaghetti squash lots in lieu of pasta for spaghetti, but never zucchini. Has anyone tried it?

Thursday, October 2, 2014

food things.

Hello. I apologize if you are not diggin' the food-ness on my blog these days, but I am majorly loving it! I really need to get back to actually writing posts but for some reason I haven't been super into it lately. I do want to write a post about our wedding and what the latest is on that! Maybe that will be my next post...just maybe....

In the meantime, check out these yummy things around the food-web and some things Edwin & I have eaten lately. I love having a man to cook for!

The key to perfect nachos

3 quick ways to microwave eggs

Panini omelette (now THIS I need to try...)

The Bagelry in Bellingham, WA (we went on Saturday! Small, all take out, no meat omelettes, and all paper plates, but in a cute location with a band out front! I had a yummy lox omelette and whole wheat bagel.)

Tacofino Commissary

Saw this on the Food Network: Torpasta (can we say carb overload? But looks pretty yummy!)

Moroccon restaurant in West Van (have you ever had Moroccon?)

Vegetarian tortilla soup recipe (I made this last week - really yummy! And if you eat meat, a lot of recipes have chicken in them)

My breakfast burrito at the Cheesecake Factory. SO GOOD.

A garlic fry selfie at the Mariners game on Saturday
Edwin & I did a late birthday trip to Seattle for him this last weekend. He'd never been to an MLB game, so we saw an intense Mariners game, and ate some delish stadium food. The weather was lovely so we walked to the game from our hotel, and around downtown after and got some beer. On Sunday, we slept in, hit up Wal-Mart and our fave grocery store, and headed home.

Tomorrow is Friday - hooray! Have a great weekend! What are you up to? I'm doing something I have not done in a loooong time on Saturday'll be fun but I'm a little nervous!!