Tuesday, January 27, 2015

food things

I keep an ongoing list on my phone called "to make." On this list, I jot down a bunch of recipes that I eventually will make and I regularly add to it. I add new recipes that people share with me, ideas I come up with, or anything else I think would be fun to make for dinner one night! Really, there are no rules to the list....

Sometimes I find myself in a dinner rut. I mean, how often can we really eat pasta & fajitas?! So, I decided recently that I'd like to make one item from the "to make" list a week. Then, a few weeks into that, Edwin thought it'd be fun if he gets to pick the new thing I make each week. We've just started that this week, and so far so good. He chose pork chops in scalloped potatoes, and I made that last night! That was nothing wild and crazy, but my mom always used to make it, and it's a bit of a comfort food for me.

As you know, I like to cook and take pictures of it, so here they are! As usual, I apologize for the poor iPhone photos...

This is a teriyaki noodle bowl. (made with my Epicure spices!) Pork & zucchini for the boy, zucchini for me!

Greek salad: onions, cucumbers, tomatoes, & feta with olive oil, garlic, and lemon juice.

Spanakopita! Aka spinach pies.

I made this dip when some friends were coming over for dinner last weekend. I was aiming for a cheddar chipotle dip. I tried googling but recipes weren't really giving me what I wanted...so I made it up! It's cream cheese, sour cream, shredded sharp cheddar, a can of fire roasted tomatoes, barbeque sauce, and garlic; heated it in the over. It was a hit!

I can't take credit for this one - my mom made tortilla pies!!! They are to die for. If you haven't had it, you need to try it. the one on the right has chicken for the boys; left is veggie for the girls!

Remember the good ol' wonton wrappers from butternut squash ravioli?! The last of them are used now! I made spring rolls. This is the filling: a bag of colesaw (cabbage) sauteed with salt, pepper, and soy sauce.

Voila! Baked spring rolls with plum sauce. They actually tasted pretty good!! I mean, deep fried is obviously better, but for baked homemade spring rolls, these weren't bad.

Along with spring rolls, we had fried rice and beef & broccoli.

Refried black beans - Guatemalan style! Edwin's mom taught me how to make these when she was here last summer, and I just tried them now. (her's were SO good - I was scared not to make them as well!!) She used a pressure cooker to make hers, but I used my slow cooker while at work. They are DELICIOUS! Beans, water, salt, onions, and garlic go into the slow cooker. After they are done, blend them, and then put them on a pot on the stove. Add oil & salt, bring to a boil. Done! Amazingness.

Horrid photo - but these are crepes! I've never made them before. Two are sweet, and the one in the middle is savoury. (hence the cheese) The actual crepe didn't have much flavor, and the filling should have been creamier, but now I know for next time!

Manicotti! Another mom-favorite. She used to make this growing up and I haven't had it since. I did ground beef for the boys; spinach and mushroom for the girls. (we are having it again tonight since there was leftover filling!)

Last but not least, my girlfriends & I made sushi on Sunday night! We made regular rice sushi, and also quinoa sushi, which was pretty good! I felt it highlighted the flavors of the fillings a lot more than rice. The above is a yam roll. Normally at restaurants, it's a yam tempura roll, so the yam is more crunchy and fried, but we did just regular cooked yam. I think the favorite type of roll though was avocado, cream cheese, and smoked salmon. YUM.

Whoops. We made a LOT. We all brought some for lunch the next day too!

Lastly, check out these amazing things you can do with mac n' cheese. (love the pizza idea!! haha)

My friend Eliza made this quinoa recipe recently, and said it was great! I'll need to try it.

Any good recipes for me to try out there? Have you made anything fun these days?! Do share!! And have a great week everyone!!

Friday, January 16, 2015

a fun thing post

It's been a while since a thing post! I hope you missed them :)

A good laugh: 4 dads make a rap video 

What could Riverview look like in the future? Vote!

A good read that resonated with me: It Costs Nothing to be a Better Person

This was a few months ago, but SO fascinating: ths girl convinces her family she is on a world adventure yet doesn't leave her house

12 reasons why your brother is pretty important in your life (don't worry Ferf, you are super important too!) 

Just a reminder, vegetables are great! Here are some recipes that are vegetarian, yet hearty. (including vegan pulled pork! Wild!!)

These Landeau flowers are quite in right now, and so gorgeous! 

Did you know that the Rio Theatre in Vancouver has Friday Night Late Night Movies for $8?

Coke-braised carnitas. Genius! I will need to try this in the slow cooker for the boy.

Mushroom marsala pasta bake. I know, I end up defaulting to recipes in things posts....

Last but NOT least: as you know, me and all of my amigas are turning 30 this year. Last weekend, Lindsay turned 30 and her awesome boyfriend threw her a surprise party. AND she didn't even find out about it. Huge win for him!  Happy birthday to my besty Binzy!!! xoxo

Lindsay, Heidi, & I

Sunday, January 4, 2015

into a new year

I think it's safe to say that 2015 is going to be a good year. I turn 30 in March (yikes!!) and marry my man in September. Those are some pretty big life events if you ask me, and I am totally ready to embrace them. Actually, consider them embraced already! (and remind me of that on my birthday please...hehehe)

Christmas was great. My sister was home and we had lots of family time. She's already planning on coming home in February again so that's exciting!! We are going to go dress shopping for her for the wedding. We have a few in mind at David's Bridal for her to try on, like this one (in coral) that we love. 

This is my new lululemon sweater. It's SO comfy and SO warm. I love it!

This may not be its permanent home, but Pants got Edwin & I a wine fridge! We are so fancy now. And I got tons of kitchen stuff: a crock pot, a brie baker, a mortar & pestle, Anchor containers, etc.

As you know, there are always lots of turkey leftovers around now. Turkey paninis with mushroom & wild rice soup. Topped off with Diet Coke, of course.

Every New Years Day, our extended family on my moms side of the family gets together. I love this tradition. What better than to hang out with your family on the first day of a new year?! I brought pinwheels as an appetizer - I seriously think that Edwin could live off of these if need be. No joke. (and they are so easy too: the filling is cream cheese, green chiles, chili powder, green onions, and tomatoes!)

My sister put this on Instagram, so this is just a screen shot I took on my phone, but you get the point! We called her via FaceTime and she talked to the whole family! It was awesome.

Grandpa played pass with Linden for quite some time. Pretty impressive for 90 years old!!

Remember those wonton wrappers I bought a while back? They are still kickin' around! (don't worry, they haven't expired) I used them to make faux samosas this weekend. Who knew wonton wrappers were so versatile?! I used this recipe for the filling, and just put the wonton wrappers in muffin tins, then place the filling in them and bake. The wonton wrappers get quite crunchy on the outside, and definitely aren't as doughy and thick like an actual samosa, but this is a good non-deep fried alternative for sure.

Amanda & I babysit our little buddy Kalan on Saturday night. Poor guy looks a little sleepy here as it's right before we put him to bed for the night.

All our Christmas decorations are down minus the Christmas cards & pointsetta. We also got a new chair for the living room! I love it! It's a blue-grey color and matches the floral pillows on the couches. (which is hard to see in this picture though) It was also from the Sears outlet store on Boxing Day and was majorly on sale.
And that was our holiday season in a nutshell! Back to regular schedules as of tomorrow. I'm making beef stew in my new slow cooker tomorrow... I'll be sure to update you on that! I'm excited. How was your holiday season? Happy Monday!!