Monday, July 27, 2015

a thing post, food style

After attending Gastropost's 100th mission event at this fancy restaurant in the Four Seasons, I am definitely feeling food-inspired these days. It was so fun to be in the same place with a bunch of other people who have the same interest - just picture 100 people taking photos of their food & drinks, all night long! Alas, a thing food post seems appropriate.

What to serve with steak (I just made mac n' cheese with steak this weekend - American style!)

I saw this restaurant on "You Gotta Eat Here" recently and would LOVE to try their pizza. Also, saw this place that has Latin American street food! (both in Vancouver)

13 ways to make your sandwich without bread (who knew there could be THIRTEEN ways?!)

I'm going to try to recreate Anton's Penne Bombay soon - I hope it works to taste exactly like theirs!!!

Have you ever had creamed spinach? I made it last week & it was pretty good! (if you make enough sauce, its kinda like mac n' cheese, but with spinach not noodles)

Meat consumption has been declining lately, therefore less animals are being farmed! Yay! (I'm a vegetarian because I don't like the cruelty of animals)

Did you know that lululemon now makes beer?! I'm excited to try it! (have you??) 

21 surprising things you can make in a rice cooker (#5 looks delicious...)

I made Moxie's mosaic dip for a Canada Day party a few weeks ago & it was a hit! (anything with mushrooms & goat cheese is ALWAYS a good idea, in my opinion)

Last but definitely not least, a SUSHI BURRITO is available! A combination of all things good in the world....

Because a food post is not a food post without a photo of food! This is the dungeness crab tacos at the Gastropost event. This was definitely my favorite item on the menu. A crunchy shell with creamy crab inside, this was amazing and oh-so-pretty, who are we kidding!

Have a great last week of July and share some fun food things you might know of!!

Monday, July 13, 2015

birthday boys

It was Edwin's birthday on Saturday, and my dad's is coming up on Thursday! Edwin turned 31, and my daddio will turn 59.  I love celebrating birthdays!  

Breakfast in bed for the birthday boy! (ignore the messy bed please) Look at the smile on this guys face! He is too cute. (am I bias?)

Dinner at Via Tevere, an amazing Italian pizza place. They open at 5 pm, but you have to get there before then to get a spot! Shout out to Christy-Dawn & Jesse for introducing us to this place!!! (next time - let's all go together for Makai's first pizza experience!! hehe)

Apparently the meatballs are quite good. (Nonna's recipe!)

The frittura napoletana appetizer. I highly recommend this if you go!! It is apparently "Italian street food," and it is basically breaded and fried things. On the far left, aracini (rice ball), next a spinach and cheese fritter, next was like fried mac and cheese, and last a doughy thingy. So good!! (you need to try it rather than read my silly descriptions - I promise it won't disappoint!) 

My birthday boy & his pizza with Vesuvio pizza. (and Coke in a glass bottle! So cute.)

My filetto pizza with mushrooms added. So garlicky & basil-y! Delish. They also have this great spicy olive oil to dip your pizza in. Adds such a good touch.

Selfie with the birthday boy! After dinner, we went to the Vancouver Canadians game. I actually quite enjoy baseball. (and the snacks, the songs, and the cheers... let's face it, I like social events!)

My favorite part was during the 6th inning when the people come out to rake the fields - they danced to Beyonce. SO FUNNY.

I love the colors at night with the twilight sky, the green grass, and the white sky. Beautiful! There was supposed to be fireworks after the game, which I was excited about as it's not every year that you get fireworks on your birthday, but they got cancelled due to weather. Bummer!

Sunday dinner was at Antons. This is my Bombay Penne. I am drooling just thinking about it. I googled a copycat recipe that I am going to try!

My dad finished his whole meal, and if you do so, you get an Anton's pen! He was quite proud. Also, this is not his first Anton's pen!!