Thursday, August 27, 2015

thankful thursday

I always love reading Louise's "thankful Thursday" posts! I enjoy and appreciate the concept as a whole and would love to post more regularly about all the things and people in my life I am thankful for. I'll try to make this one an extra-thankful post!

Right now, I am thankful for: 

1.My sister! She was here for 2 weeks and just left on the weekend. She planned a stagette and shower for me that happened while she was here, plus we did some wedding prep, bonding, eating of sushi, dancing at indian parties, talking, and hanging with family. It was amazing! She is home again in just 19 days! (not that I am counting...)

Sister Selfie!
2. Friends and family who celebrated our wedding events two weekends ago. Edwin and I had our stag/stagettes on Saturday night, and I had a shower on Sunday afternoon. Edwin and the boys went white water rafting, and the girls & I went downtown for dinner and drinks in a fancy limo. I felt very, very loved that weekend!! Thank you to everyone who came and for all the awesome gifts and attention!! A few photos from the shower:

Lindsay, me, Heidi
My dads side of the family: Meryl, me, Soraya, Coralee, Daphne, Jen, Momma

Eliza, me, Amanda
A bit blurry, but this is my moms side of the family: Julia, Jen, Grandma, me, Momma, Catherine, Lorna, and Robyn (whose baby is due just 5 days after the wedding!)

3. A brother that turned 26. He's okay, I guess.... :)

I think was the best moment in his life - riding along in Smithers with Jen. (he flew up and stayed there a few days before she was coming home and did the drive home with her) I think this picture is too cute.

4. The cutest ring bearer ever. I don't want to wreck the day-of outfit surprise, but isn't this just adorable?!

5. Babies to snuggle. I need to snuggle this one again ASAP! :)

Makai, Christy-Dawn and Jesse's baby.

6. Summer fun things at work. Sometimes it's just the little things that make work enjoyable! We had a food truck come to work a few weeks ago, and a summer BBQ last week, and both give something exciting to look forward to in the day. (and who are we kidding, I like food!!)

7. My biscuits being on Vancity Buzz last week. That was cool! If you want your food pictures to possibly be here too, just hashtag #VCBFood on your food pics.

8. Our honeymoon coming up! Well, and wedding too :) I am excited for the wedding for sure, but the trip is going to be a BLAST, I just know it. I am excited to meet more of Edwin's family, see where he grew up, eat fresh avocados, perhaps learn some more Spanish, and get some stamps on my very un-used passport! We are going to Guatemala first, then Belize, then Costa Rica, and finally Panama for a few nights.

I cannot wait to spend some relaxing time with mi amor here! (this is Belize according to Google images - I'll let you know when we are back how accurate this picture was)
Happy Thursday! Have a great weekend :)