Sunday, January 10, 2016

guess where we are going...

MARDI GRAS! I am so, so, so excited as this is an item on my bucket list and I've always wanted to go. I'll be honest in that I don't know a ton of details and happenings at Mardi Gras, but I mean, how can you go wrong with food, parades, music, and unique culture?!

We are also going to Orlando & Nashville as part of a self-created Southern US tour, so I am extra excited for all of this! Edwin's brother, grandma, and a few aunts & cousins live in Nashville, so that will be fun to see them. I'm working on convincing Edwin that we need to go to the Grand Ole Opry... 

We are on hardcore vacation planning mode, trying to think of where to go and what to see in all cities. Any recommendations? We will take info on anything you think is worth seeing/going to in Orlando, New Orleans, or Nashville!

Sunday, January 3, 2016

a 2016 *mostly* food thing post (with photos!)

Happy new year! We celebrated at our house with a few friends over, some wine, and the game "Cards Against Humanity." Have you played? Hilarious! Very politically incorrect, and a bit vulgar, but hilarious. I won, by the way ;) What did you get up to?

First, you may have seen this on Instagram, but WOW. One cauliflower was $8.99 at Two EE's when I went grocery shopping yesterday! I didn't actually need to buy cauliflower, but was just shocked at the price. I even find them normally expensive at $4 or $5 each! I took a picture just in case you don't believe me:

Some 2015 savory favorites from smitten kitchen (need to try the mushroom marsala pasta bake!)

Tips & tricks on reducing waste, in the house and the kitchen

I won a gift certificate for $50 through Twitter recently to Tasty Indian Bistro! We were thrilled as we love Indian food. We went last week. Delicious! I had the veggie dinner; Edwin had the non-veggie dinner. (shocking, I know)

Amanda bought a trial sized perfume at Sephora recently but didn't like it & gave it to me. I'm in LOVE with it. Thanks buddy!

I made these burger patties slider-style for New Years. They were not bad, but needed a bit more flavor. Sorry to my Uncle Dave, who thought they were pulled pork & got quite a surprise...

I also made peppermint brownies with crushed candy canes on top. I love anything mint so these were great in my books. (PS - I love this cake platter given to us at my wedding shower. It makes me want to bake just to put something on it!!)

Ooooo: we got a fondue pot for Christmas from Pants! I made cheese fondue recently when my family came over for dinner. (sidenote: cheese is expensive, especially the fancy kinds! haha)

I've made corn tortillas twice now with my tortilla press & corn flour. They are pretty good - not quite as authentic as the ladies in Guatemala make them, but not bad ;) Only two ingredients though!
This is a special tortilla holder/warmer given to us as a wedding gift from Edwin's aunt & uncle. You wrap the tortillas in a dish towel to help keep them warm too!

My mom even tried out the tortilla press!
A coworker of mine made these cheesecake lemon bars and they were AH-MAZE-ING. I don't know that I have the patience to make two layered desserts... especially because baking is not my forte.

On the menu for tomorrow nights dinner: Martha Stewart's macaroni & cheese with butternut squash.

This is very exciting as I am blogging from my usual laptop, but it got some upgrades for Christmas! A new battery and a solid state hard drive. It runs SO fast now!! Thank goodness. It also came with installation ;) I hope everyone has a great week back to school and/or work, after hopefully a bit of well deserved time off.