Thursday, April 28, 2016

a thing post

My 'yam nest' Instagram picture made it into the Province recently - check it out here!

I'd really like one of these to use when sitting on the beach or on the lake this summer.... #wishlist

This recipe is on my radar this week - with eggplant or fish instead of chicken for moi.

A friend of mine is getting married soon in a very small, intimate ceremony. How gorgeous is this spot they chose??

I really like the opening line of this recipe on "perfect garlic bread.

Check it out: there is 20% off one item at H&M this weekend if you follow them on Twitter!

Amanda got me this iced tea pitcher for my birthday, and  I am so into mango cold tea these warm days!

I've never cooked raw artichokes before - have you?? I'm intrigued!

This is an awesome idea: a traveler t-shirt with icons! Speaking of, I need to sign up for more Spanish classes...

Monday, April 25, 2016

zero waste

I went to a #MindfulMovie last week with my friend Amanda and one of my coworkers. This is put on by Erin Ireland, a food blogger of To Die For, Zero Waste Market co-founders, and the Juice Truck. (held at Stretch Yoga & Event space)

Erin hosts movies once per month, on a variety of different topics. I think that zero waste is an awesome cause and would LOVE to be more mindful of how we treat this world of ours. We watched a really great movie/documentary called The Clean Bin Project. I really enjoyed this movie, but will disclose that it is a little daunting overall. It is about a couple who has a goal that for one full year, they will try not to create ANY garbage. They don't buy anything, they grow some of their own food, make their own toothpaste, etc. It's pretty hardcore BUT I love the message they give about trying to eliminate our waste! I recommend it if you have an interest in this topic for sure.

There were some delicious snacks there - and we were asked to bring our own cup & bowl/plate for the snacks. Such an easy way to not create a bunch of waste from an event!! I liked that idea.

Here are some things I learned/realized that I could do to start my own zero-waste project: 
- not use the plastic bags at Two EE's when I buy fruits/veggies (just bring them home, wash them, and put them in the veggie/fruit drawer)
- sell/giveaway/donate things that I am not planning to use anymore
- search online to see what is recycle-able (I do try to recycle often, but more things might be recycle-able than I think!)
- ask at my grocery store if they would put deli products in packaging that I bring rather than the paper/plastic they put it in

Here are some things that I already do that I am proud of: 
- bring my own coffee in travel mugs to work every morning (not only is this good for the environment, it saves money too!)
- shop at Two EE's for fruits & veggies (a locally owned market, selling some local & organic items)
- bring cans/bottles back to the recycle depot (again, it helps and it gives us a few dollars in our pockets)
- not waste food at home. Edwin & I are both really good about ensuring we just buy what we will need for the week, eating leftovers instead of throwing them out, etc. It hurts my heart to throw out food!

There was conversation after the movie, and the overall thought was that the movie was inspirational and a bit daunting, but we all need to start somewhere. Starting with the above things that I mentioned might not have as much impact as my actions could be down the road, but they are immediate things I can do to have an effect on this world.

Like the above says, reduce, reuse, and recycle. And as my teacher friend Keri says, reduce is the FIRST R for a reason! We all can do a little bit to reduce our garbage footprint here so that we don't end up with giant landfills all over the place. And if you aren't convinced yet, read about the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

What are some things you currently do, or want to do, to help reduce waste in our world? (remember: it doesn't need to be huge!)

PS - if you didn't click on Erin Irelands blog above, read it! Her food always looks amazing - she is a vegan and eats a lot of plant based foods, so it is inspiring. (and follow her on instagram)

PPS - has anyone ever tried I am intrigued with the concept...

Friday, April 22, 2016

how do your gums feel?

I had a gum graft done yesterday, and off work today at home resting. A gum graft is done when gums in some part of your mouth have receded too far, resulting in the roots being exposed. I had to get it done because my front lower gums had been bothering me. Apparently it is genetic, and you can also have it happen after having braces. So, I'll blame both my braces and my dad on this one - he has receding gums too!

I won't get into too much detail as its not the most pleasant procedure, but it involves stitches on my gums. I have some T3's to take and am confined to soft foods for a few days that I will chew veryyyyyy slowly and carefully.

The bad news is that a gum graft is actually 2 parts, with the second part of the procedure being in about 6 weeks, where I'll go through this all again. The good news is that once this is all said & done, my gums won't hurt, which I am excited about!

If I don't move my head or mouth, the pain isn't too bad. It's a good thing I'm home alone today because not talking is a challenging thing for me! If anyone needs me, I'll be here watching the Food Network and trying not to online shop.

Happy weekend!!

Sunday, April 17, 2016

a thing post

Happy Sunday! What have you gotten up to this weekend? On Friday night, Edwin & I went bowling as part of a social event with my co-workers. (I actually really enjoy bowling!) On Saturday, Pants came over and helped Edwin assemble a ceiling fan. (yay for a breeze in the summer!) Today, we went to the races with Amanda and Rob. Have you ever been? Wow, it was SO FUN! We just placed very small bets on horses and it was a blast. Plus, so gorgeous and sunny!

I am so bummed I missed entering this wild contest. Would you have entered?

What would you make with these ingredients for dinner? (top-chef-at-home-style)

Amanda & I are going to this "Mindful Movie" night on Tuesday - it is about zero-waste and I am so intrigued! (I just saw that it is sold out now, sorry!)

This blogger posts "a week of dinners" regularly and I love seeing other peoples ideas!

If I owned a bicycle, I'd definitely need a few of these... 

This fun Indian event is coming up on Saturday - are any of you going?! (I recommend it for the food...)

Speaking of Indian food... check out what is on my menu for tomorrow night. (of course, with some variations for this non-meat eater) I'm excited already! 

And if you want more links for online reading, check out here or here.

Have a great week everyone!

Thursday, April 14, 2016

thankful thursday

These days, I am thankful for lots of things! Some of then include:

1. May weekend adventures. We have two weekend trips coming up in May! My cousin Meryl is getting married at Kumsheen Rafting Resort so we are going to Lytton for a weekend. I always love weddings, and love that Meryl & Evans is uniquely themed for them. We are also headed up to Smithers to see my sister for a few days the weekend after the wedding. I love mini-adventures!

2. Flowers. I recently planted some flowers in our front yard-ish area. I really love to make this little cement boxy thing look pretty in the spring & summer.

The big cement bowl is a permanent fixture. I bought all the pretty pots on the right from HomeSense recently. The little flower on the left was an extra that didn't fit anywhere - need to find somewhere for it to go still!

3. Whatsapp. I think I've mentioned before that our family (minus Edwin, he has chosen to not opt-in to the group chat - too overwhelming for him I think!) has a Whatsapp conversation. It started before Jen went to depot, so probably over 2 years ago? I love our "FamJam" conversation that goes on all day. I love that we all send messages, pictures, and notes about our days. Last week, Pants sent us some pictures of when he took Odie to the dog park. Odie decided to play in a mud puddle with another dog!

4. Friday night Date night. Edwin & I went out for dinner on Friday to La Piazza Dario, the Italian restaurant at the Italian cultural center. We actually had been there before, and then saw that it was on Groupon, which was exciting! The food there is seriously so good. After dinner, we went for a drive up Burnaby Mountain. So pretty!
Linguine di mare

Not the greatest photo, but the view from here really is spectacular on a clear night! We will go back up during the day for a picnic soon.

5. A husband that keeps track of money things. As I type this post, Edwin is also at his computer doing his weekly "accounting duties." I love that he keeps track of our finances and is so good at it! This is definitely not a forte of mine, so I majorly appreciate it in him.

What are you thankful for this week?