Monday, May 30, 2016

a thing post

24 vegetarian versions of favorite comfort foods (drooling over #10, #19, #22 etc...)

The 15th annual Run, Walk & Roll is happening this Sunday at Bear Creek Park - come have fun for a good to raise money for the Centre for Child Development!

Adorable kitchen products (I want #9, and #17 now that we bought a BBQ yesterday!)

I can't stop thinking about these shoes. Maybe in September after summer....

Our friend Dylan received a Medal of Good Citizenship recently - awesome!! Well deserved.

Quick! Enter these contests from Miss604: $100 to Exile Bistro in Vancouver and $50 to Tim Hortons.

On my menu for tomorrow nights dinner: this. I'm looking forward to it.

If you are on Twitter, this is who I am following recently that has awesome food related things: Epicurious 

Have you seen Blake Shelton try sushi for the first time with Jimmy Kimmel? It's hilarious.

Sunday, May 29, 2016

extra long weekend in Smithers

Edwin & I took a few extra days off prior to the May long weekend to visit my little sis in Smithers, BC. She has lived there for almost 2 years now and this is only my second time visiting her! Edwin had not been there yet at all. I felt a bit bad when I realized that. We will have to go more often - Smithers is actually a cute little town, I promise! (you should go!)

As the drive to Smithers is about 12 hours, we opted to leave on Wednesday night, stay in Kamloops, and then continue with the drive on Thursday. I was such a good passenger - I only slept for 30 minutes on the drive there! When awake, I was on bear and wildlife watch. In total in our trip, we saw: 7 deer (deers?), 5 bears, and 1 eagle. (Sitting on the side of the road, so very up close!) For the drive home, we just did it all in one go on Monday. The actual driving, if there was no stopping for gas/bathroom/meal breaks, was about 11 hours or so. We were expecting traffic coming home but there was none! Shocking for a long weekend.

We did lots while we were there, and we met a lot of Jen's coworkers & friends which was fun. Probably the highlight was on Friday when we drove up to Hyder, Alaska. This is a tiny, tiny ghost town near Stewart, BC accessible by vehicle. It was about 4 hours driving from Smithers, but so worth it. The drive was gorgeous with snow capped mountains the entire time. Hyder doesn't have much, but it has a little bar there where you can get "Hyderized" and receive a certificate! It is a shot that is 75% alcohol and does NOT taste good, but it is what you do when in Hyder! Edwin, Jen & I all are now proud owners of a certificate.

Here are some photos of our extra long weekend road trip to the North: (also known as #ShedwinGoesToSmithers on social media)

Welcome to Smithers! (as Jen said, those mountains in the background are the pride and joy of Smithers)

The drive to Alaska was like this - the whole way! Beautiful.

When you stop at a cool glacier, you obviously take a selfie...

...and throw rocks as far as you can.

The border of Stewart, BC and Hyder, Alaska.

Getting Hyderized...(the lady who worked there took this pic... sorry for the poor quality!)

The Canadian border. You don't need to do anything to enter Alaska, but you do need to go through the border on the way back to Stewart, BC.

Don't we live in such a beautiful province?

A cool railway bridge/walkway over the river.

Food truck at the river. A very pretty location!

There are lots of pretty outdoor places here - including this lake.
We went for a hike at Twin Falls with our aunt Heather. (she is actually my moms cousin who lives there, which is awesome for my sis to have some family there!)

Now this weekend, we are relaxing and catching up on laundry, groceries, cleaning, and family dinners. I love getting back to a bit of routine! Have a great week ahead!

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Meryl & Evans Wedding

My cousin Meryl got married last week at Kumsheen Rafting Resort in Lytton, BC. I must admit that I was a bit skeptical about it at first, being the non-camper I am, but it turned out to be so awesome and so much fun!

It was a whole weekend event from Friday to Sunday, and Meryl & Evan had booked the whole resort. Everyone was specifically there for their wedding, which made it fun that everyon had the same celebratory purpose. We arrived on Friday early in the evening, and dinner was ready for us. The caeser salad was honestly one of the best I've ever had!

Saturday was the river rafting day. I opted to not go, but my dad & brother both went. I lounged by the pool and worked on my tan; the weather was so beautiful! The ceremony was later in the afternoon, followed by some passed canapes, and a delicious dinner. Then, there were some nice speeches by family, friends, and of course, wedding dancing. (the best part of weddings!)

Another major plus in my books for their wedding: midnight nachos!!! (well, technically 11 pm nachos) I am a big fan of this midnight snack trend. We had pizza at our wedding around 10 pm, and another one of my cousins had sandwiches. I think a snack after dancing for a few hours is well needed! 

My cousin looked beautiful, and she actually wore our Oma's wedding dress. She had some alterations done to it, but I loved the fact that she wore it. This is also the best part about weddings - the personal and sentimental touches that get put into them.

Our cabin

The inside - two double beds with extra blankets. So cute inside!

My brother & dad standing outside my parents teepee. They could see the stars at night!!
The Spier clan (photo by Meryl & Evans photographer)

Congratulations Meryl & Evan - your wedding was perfect and so excellently designed for you! I know we all had a great time and appreciated the effort you put into have a whole weekend of festivity for your guests.

Stay tuned! Next up on the blog will be a Smithers post: we were there for an extra long weekend just this past May long!