Monday, December 5, 2016


We have Edwin's 16 year-old niece here from Guatemala for the month of December. She just arrived on Thursday, and is in English classes for two weeks. Then, we have some Christmas/winter-y things planned after that. I think she is finding it VERY cold here, but is having fun!

As I'm sure everyone saw, there was so much snow today!! When she gets home from school, we are going to build a little snowman in the front yard. This is her first time experiencing snow!

We took Odie on a long walk to Tynehead over the weekend. Stephanie loves dogs so this was fun!

She is having some majorly Canadian experiences - Tim Hortons, ice hockey game (Pant's hockey game), and today snow!

The trees look so pretty outside. We put up our Christmas tree yesterday - its a huge one!
I hope everyone has a safe snow season :)