Thursday, April 6, 2017


I looooove making lists. Do you? Here are some random lists I thought I'd share with you!

5 things we are watching on TV/Netflix right now:
1. Suits
2. Better Call Saul (if you are a Breaking Bad fan, you need to watch this)
3. Departures (season 3 just got put on Netflix!!)
4. The Young Pope
5. Designated Survivor

3 of my favorite places you get a decent birthday deal from every year:
1. The Bay: $10 off when you spend $50
2. Forever Your Lingerie: $20 off when you spend $75
3. Sephora: a free birthday gift! (no purchase needed)

3 things that are on my list of things to do:
1. Book massages for Edwin & I
2. Buy a snow shovel (we were stealing my dads this winter...)
3. Get holes fixed in 1 pair of pants & 2 shirts

Lastly, 2 fun things you may not have known!
1. Did you know that dogs can donate blood? Chucho had a consultation yesterday!
2. Did you know that Purdy's has a no sugar added line? Christy-Dawn got me some for my birthday!

Hope you are having a great week!

T minus 3 days....!!

Sunday, April 2, 2017

32 continued

Here are a few photos of things I did for my birthday, and other things as of late. A continued birthday post, if you will!

Last Saturday, I went out for dinner with Edwin, Amanda, Rob, Eliza & Justin. Sadly, this is the only photo I took. After dinner, went to Amanda & Rob's place - this is me and Kesler, their cat!

My birthday morning. Yummy Tim's breakfast, yellow roses, a fancy new watch, and a pickle card. He knows me so well.

My mom made lasagna at my request for dinner last week. She is so good to me! (she made both a veggie & a meat one)

I love this picture! Grandma & Grandpa with the doggies.

My sister & Nenad came home this week! They had a wedding to attend on Friday so they came a few days earlier to hang out with us. They stayed at our house, and Chucho got lots of extra attention with them here! I got sent selfies all day long at work :)

I took one day off work to hang out with the gang. We went to Metrotown, had sushi, and went to see the new house in Aldergrove. This was 5 adults plus Chucho in my tiny Honda Fit. It was super fun!

Last night, we went to Famoso Pizzeria for a birthday dinner. So yummy!! I usually get the funghi pizza. (bottom)

After dinner, we went back to my parents and played Trivial Pursuit. It got quite competitive, but it was super fun! I love our family time :)

This week has been fun with our out of town visitors here. This week, things are back to normal. Then, next week, we are off on an adventure! I am super excited and need to start getting things organized. (And get a pedicure...) I am looking forward to the sun!!