Thursday, June 29, 2017


Well hello from Taiwan! I just noticed that this is my first blog post in the month of June. Whoops. Since I have some time before waiting for my next flight, I thought I'd tell you about my current adventure.

I am headed to Manila in the Philippines as we have an office there. I will be going on an outing with the team this weekend to a beach resort and am super excited to meet everyone in person! As part of my travels, I intentionally booked a stopover in a cool place to include an extra little adventure. Hence, here I am in Taiwan!

My flight left Vancouver at 2 am, and arrive in Taiwan at 4:30 am local time. I then took a cab to the Lungshan Temple (Longshan? I've seen it spelled both ways everywhere!) as the metro was not open that early. I was so thankful that Justin & Eliza have lived in Taiwan for a while so I got a bunch of tips on where to go, how to get around, etc. Justin even gave me some Taiwanese money & his metro card so that I didn't have to get one myself. So awesome, thanks guys!

Also, a big bonus is that Taiwan has free wifi around the city. How awesome is that?! I definitely have used more than my fair share of free wifi. It gets lonely wandering by yourself! 

Below are some photos and comments about my brief adventure away from the airport. It is a bit scary traveling by yourself when you haven't done in a while!! I am happy to report that I survived and was totally fine. They speak a lot of English here! Phew.

From the cab to the city - the sun was still rising. Bright & early! (good thing I was able to sleep on the plane)

The entrance to Longshan Temple. So beautiful!

Inside the temple

Inside the temple

Me, inside the temple

Inside the temple

Cool guy nearby the temple, as I wandered

I don't this picture does it justice, and you will need to zoom in, but look at ALL the scooters!!

I got a delicious pastry and latte from 85C after the temple. I then continued to wander the area! Unfortunately, not a lot was open at this time of day. (7-11 was!)

SO GOOD. It maybe had coconut in it? I was not sure but I loved it!

More food: veggie dim sim at the airport. Yummy! This was about $12 for the dumpling meal. (it came with mushroom soup)

The airport food court. Too cute!

Dumpling seating, so fun.

And now, I am waiting to board the next flight to Manila. I plan to relax in one of the above chairs... after my cell phone is done charging in another area! I will continue to post some photos on Facebook and Instagram while away. Happy Canada Day!!