Friday, November 24, 2017

Friday Finds (aka a thing post)

Happy weekend! I am lounging on the couch not feeling too hot, doing some online shopping & internet browsing. As such, here are some things I'm checking out today. Enjoy!

Did you do any Black Friday shopping? I'm trying to find this blender for under $200. Wishful thinking! Fun fact: how Black Friday got its name 

A basic yet delicious tsatziki recipe

Did you hear about McDonald's tweet blunder today?

This couple brings their dog & cat on hikes with them and takes adorable photos! Clearly Edwin & I need a cat, and to start hiking, and to take excellent photos... minor things ;)

I love following this gal on Instagram - she is so funny and her food looks amaaazing! I would like to buy her newest cookbook that is out - hint to any of Santa's elves reading this....

My sister & Nenad made these granola bars recently and they were SO GOOD

Today's "little thing" to appreciate #Truth

The best sandwich in every state

Our next travel destination for a wedding in March is here - excited for some sun!

Wishing we were back here on rainy days like we've had lately!

Have a great weekend!