Sunday, January 28, 2018


Hi, friends & family! If you haven't noticed, I haven't blogged in 2 months. It is not intentional, I just really don't have as much interest in blogging as I used to for whatever reason! I'm sorry, I know my blog is just so riveting ;)

I'll update you on life as of late, since I am sick and on the couch all day today. (sore throat, sore ears, cough, runny nose.... the whole shebang) The latest fun things in my life are:

1. My SISTER is moving home!!
2. Two of my friends are getting married this year (Amanda & Nicole) 
3. We are moving in 4 weeks
4. We are going to Palm Springs in 6 weeks for Dylan & Jessica's wedding (here - so beautiful!)
5. Edwins parents are coming to visit in 8 weeks

I am sure there are more too, but those are the most imminent ones.

This is what our house looks like as of last Sunday! We were able to go inside and it just needed countertops, appliances, and a few other things. (oh and landscaping!) 

We have started buying some additional furniture for it, which has been keeping our weekends busy lately. We were going to go to a new furniture store that I heard about but I am not sure if I am feeling up for furniture shopping... maybe next weekend. Furniture shopping is always fun! I am not particularly looking forward to the packing/moving/unpacking whole part of moving though... does anyone ever look forward to that?! Ha!

Our immediate family, including doggies (one more doggy will be joining next week when Jen & Nenad come - Mojo!)

Our extended Spier family (doggys are there too... look closely!)

Christmas dinner with Grandma & Grandpa

New Years Eve

At a wedding show photobooth

The things I do to him! But seriously, how adorable!?
Have a great week ahead!! (well, maybe few great weeks... until I blog again and wish you all well next!)