Tuesday, March 6, 2018

a thing post

28 rules you should ignore at restaurants (I love etiquette - not sure how I feel about these!)

The best book I read recently: The Year of Less by Cait Flanders. She is a local blogger who paid off a lot of debt in a short period, and then started a shopping ban. Her memoir is entertaining and inspirational.

One of my fave shows these days is coming back soon!

This is fascinating - Kylie Jenner tweets that she doesn't like using SnapChat anymore after an update, and Snapchat's stock is going downhill! The power of media....

Added to my bucket list: this restaurant in New York run by grandmas!

We are headed to Palm Springs soon for a wedding. Any must-sees while we are there that we can squeeze in on a long weekend?! 

Heads up to my Surrey friends - the RCMP said they are seeing an increase in garages being broken into lately! Be careful! 


Last but not least - googling tofu recipes for this evening. Any good ideas you can share?! (leaning towards green curry right now but need to check if i have coconut milk in the pantry...)