Sunday, July 15, 2018

Canada Day 2018

I am a bit behind on blogging but trying to blog about all the important and major events at least, even if it does happen with a bit of delay... :) (and if I missed an event, please let me know!!)

Edwin applied for Canadian citizenship some time ago, and finally got the invite to do the next steps (test & ceremony). The ceremony happened to fall on Canada Day which meant he got to be in a "special" ceremony in Fort Langley. It was actually on the news & is online here!  The ceremony had 50 new citizens from 40 different countries which was pretty cool. I am sure Edwin was the only one from Guatemala!

Starting the day the Canadian way - Tim Hortons for breakfast & coffee!

Singing the Canadian anthem. Edwin is in the white shirt in front of the man in the grey shirt - hard to see, it was packed in there! We even got there quite early to get spots - we ended up standing in the back.

Getting his official citizenship papers - we had photos of all angles thanks to my sister, dad, & Nenad! I was on the phone Skyping with Edwin's parents at this time.

The whole fam! Grandpa, Pants, mom, dad, me, Edwin, Jen, Nenad

This building had a huge flag on it and it was a really cool photo opp. The only issue is that there were so many people coming in & out of this building!! (to the right on this photo)

My family was adorable and threw Edwin a Canadian themed party. We had lunch, dinner, gifts, matching shirts - you name it!

Edwin opening some of his gifts - this one was my fave! A baby outfit for Baby Obando for next Canada day. Also, Chucho in his bandana was too cute. All the doggies had them!

My dad got this Molson Canadian sign for Edwin for his man cave in the basement. (its just a TV room but we'll let him call it whatever he wants for now...)

Photo shoot time in my parents backyard! Nenad & Pants with Mojo & Chucho

I took this photo and it was after Pants had left, hence him & I are not in it. But it's a good one of the rest of the fam & doggies! (always in family photos)

I have to admit that I had no idea about the whole immigration process - this was all new to my family & I. It was cool to learn more about it through Edwin's process as well as hear people speak about how diverse Canada is during the ceremony. I am very thankful that we live in such a beautiful, diverse and welcoming country.

Now, Edwin needs to apply for his Canadian passport. I hope that him, Baby Obando, & I can put that passport to good use and do some fun travels in our future. We will only be limited by that lovely reduction in salary due to maternity leave maybe only Lower Mainland travels are only in our near future ;)

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