Friday, December 7, 2018

a holiday thing post

Did you know that lots of people are doing holiday giveaways currently?! Here are a few of my favorite "12 days of Christmas" that I have been entering:

Since I am home lots these days, I have been catching up on my Netflix-ing! Here are some fun shows I've watched lately. Do you have any recommendations for me?! (series or movies)
  • The Princess Switch (an adorable and predictable chick flick)
  • Kim's Convenience (a funny, easy-to-watch comedy series)
  • Life in Pieces (another funny, easy-to-watch comedy series that is so relatable to family life)
  • I Feel Pretty (I didn't looove this movie with Amy Schumer, but it was entertaining nonetheless)
  • Grace & Frankie (a heart warming comedy series about two friends) 
Do you have any cool contests I should be entering in my spare time or shows I should be watching?! :)

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Happy December!

Everyone told me time would fly with a baby, and wow, is that an understatement! How is my baby girl 9.5 weeks old already?! (I told myself I'd tell people "2 months" when they ask in person but I like to keep track of the exact time here!)

She had her two month shots yesterday and that was definitely tough on me, emotionally. It was over so quick for her so I don't think it traumatized her too much physically!

I am looking forward to Christmas with her and having lots of family time. We have a Spier family dinner this coming Sunday already!

Here are a few photos of her recently. I know I am bias, but cute is she?!

She smiles lots lately! It's pretty fun!

She loves this swing. Thanks Grandma!!

This is what a lot of our mornings look like :)

Allllll the layers to go on a walk - I am trying to go on days when I am mostly home for some entertainment for myself, some fresh air, and it makes the dog very happy!

On her play mat where we do tummy time as well sometimes. Someone isnt a huge fan of tummy time though...

We got some lights on the front of our house and a few other decorations up so far. We are hoping to get a tree soon when my parents are back from their vacation as we usually go with my dad to get one. Gabby is going to get her picture taken with Santa on Friday which I am looking forward to. (well, mostly just her in her adorable little red dress & headband!)

I hope your December is going well!