Friday, August 30, 2019

hello again

Wow, this is my second blog post within the same week! Pretty wild. I came up with a few more random things to put into a "list of things" for you.

- A quiz (I did quite poorly - it's hard!)
- Edwin is booked to donate blood this Tuesday - have you donated recently? (I am not eligible to donate for another 5 years)
- Had lunch at Cosmos Greek restaurant in White Rock yesterday. SO GOOD. Garlicky tsatsiki of my dreams.
- Went to an adorable home goods store in White Rock as well, the Handpicked Home. They also sell some baby things and I bought Gabby some Minimocs. I love buying products made in Canada and from a local store.
- Currently reading: Bringing Up Bebe (only a few chapters in, but like it so far!)
- Are you watching the Amazing Race? We were sad that this couple was eliminated recently! 

Need to go get the baby who just woke up from her nap now :)

Happy long weekend!

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  1. I love that you have Edwin booked and interesting to note about the 5 years. Hope you're doing ok, Shannon!