Tuesday, November 5, 2019

november thing post

Happy November! I am recovering from surgery well and getting back into regular life. We are loving this sunny weather with no rain to be able to go to the playground etc. 

Here are some fun things to peruse if you have time on your hands :)

These Halloween costumes cracked me up! Worth checking out. 

Christy-Dawn and I are taking our families to Timberlines Country Christmas in December and I am SO EXCITED. This is where Christy-Dawn and I met!

Carpool kareoke is my fave, and this is airpool kareoke with Kanye. Pretty entertaining!

We've started trying to recycle plastics etc. with the new Recycle BC program where you can return items at London Drugs. Brand new to this so any tips or tricks are welcome!

The TV series I CANNOT STOP WATCHING these days!!

Weirdest movie I've watched in a while... a little scary FYI.

Hope you loyal readers are still doing well and THANK YOU for checking in here once in a blue moon! Here’s a cute photo of Gabby doing what she loves these days, eating sushi.