Sunday, December 29, 2019

happy holidays!

Merry Christmas! Happy almost New Year! It looks like I am blogging once per month these days and usually only "thing" posts... I guess that's better than nothing?! I hope you all have had a lovely holiday season and spent some time with those you love.

Gabby had a great time with all her family, new gifts, the doggies, etc. Now that she is walking, she is pretty happy just wandering around the house playing with things. It's pretty fun to watch her and see what she is interested in & where she walks to. She looks like such a little girl in the picture above! I guess she is not a baby anymore....! And now, onto the thing part of this post. Enjoy!

You know how I love the Royals... 50 weird rules the Royal Family has to follow 

Speaking of, I want to try this restaurant. If it was good enough for Royals to try to go to, that must mean it's pretty great, right?! (the restaurant turned Meghan & Harry down from eating here due to security) 

Can't wait to try this sticky sesame cauliflower recipe!

Also, this recipe. (side note: Smitten Kitchen is one of my faves - following her on Instagram is hilarious!)

My sister did some Boxing Day shopping. I loved her new sweater so much that I went and bought the same one! 

Edwin & I had a date night (thanks Nennifer!) and went for dinner & then to a restaurant by us for dessert. I had deep fried cheesecake and OMG it was so good.

We got Gabby the IKEA play kitchen for Christmas and have yet to set it up because I want to fancy it up a la one of these... so far I have bought gold spray paint & faux marble countertop stickers! We'll see how it goes...!

Edwin's mom is visiting currently from Guatemala - we may take a little road trip South to here! Any recommendations if you've been?!

We get told Gabby looks like this girl ALL the time! Do you see it?

And lastly, I would love for you to read this feel good story about a gang member who has turned his life around with the help of a Vancouver cop.