Monday, February 24, 2020

a 2020 thing post

Happy two-months-into-the-New-Year! I did not realize I had not yet blogged this year. Whoops! Here are some fun things for you to check out if you are bored ;)

The funniest carpool kareoke yet (who wants to do the Yummy dance?!)

Gabby's new fave TV show is coming out with a movie next year (let's take to the Sky!)

Edwin & I are going to a play on Saturday at the Surrey Arts Centre - Kims Convenience!

My baby is growing up - she has graduated to a big girl stroller.

What Canadian Mounties go through at training - a video. Super cool to see!

The shirt on my wishlist right now...

I joined a thing! Super excited about it.

Amen to this article on mom comparison for all the "stuff"

Highly recommend on Netflix right now: The Pharmacist 

I think that is all for now, folks. I am sure I have more things up my sleeve that I've collected in the last 2 months (ha!) but will save them for next time. I hope everyone is great and enjoying this slightly sunnier weather. Here is a photo (or two...) of baby Gabby, who is not so much a baby anymore, but I will forever call her that!

My loves. So cute. Smiles for dada!

We've been going for lots of walks lately. We love our neighbourhood!