Thursday, September 30, 2021

well hello!

I think it is safe to say my blog is dying.... this was once SUCH a fun space for me to post random things, talk about whatever, and share photos. I just don't find myself having any interest in it anymore sadly! But in case anyone checks it still, thought I'd say hello ;) 

My fave type of posts are "thing posts" so I will do one of those! But first, happy THIRD birthday to my not-so-little baby girl. Time really does fly. 

A yummy new recipe I made recently - as seen on Erin Ireland's Instagram! 

I really want to try this Mexican restaurant in White Rock - have you been?! 

Did you know I wrote a little post for Rethink Breast Cancer? 

Heidi's dad made a CANOE from pianos!! How cool?! 

Putting these runners on my Christmas wishlist...

It is Truth & Reconciliation Day in BC today. 

I hope wherever you are & whatever you are doing, you have a happy day!